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Little Egret is an open Sharpie of 18' 10" x 4' 10″ x 6", with a hull shape reminiscent of the famous 28' Sharpie, Egret, designed by Ralph Middleton Munroe in 1886 for use in the shallow waters of Florida. I have long had a fascination for Egret, and think that her hull cross-section, which is part Sharpie and part Dory, is a superb compromise for a sailing vessel. The seaworthiness of the original Egret is legendary.

I was approached by another Egret enthusiast who wanted a smaller version, and Little Egret is the result. Although she is similar in hull shape to the original, she is in no way a copy. In fact, I made it a condition of the design commission that I be allowed to design her from scratch, without any reference to existing drawings or photos. This was very important to me, as I wanted to be sure that she was all my own work, shape, proportion, rig, and layout. The owner had input into the aesthetics of the project, but the design is original.

  • Designed to be sailed, rowed, sculled with a yuloh, or (if absolutely necessary) powered by a small outboard - preferably electric
  • Combination taped-seam (stitch-and-glue) and stringer/frame construction, of the most simple type
  • Built-in buoyancy tanks
  • Pivoting centreboard and shallow rudder of traditional Sharpie style (but with end plates for improved efficiency)
  • Simple sprit-boomed rig, with a third mast location allowing her to be sailed with either of the sails in a single-masted configuration

Plans package includes

  • 20 sheets of very detailed A3 sized drawings
  • Basic instructions with email back-up. A detailed instruction manual with complete building illustrations will be available in the future, but the construction will be no problem for someone with basic-to-intermediate experience. Extensive building photos available by arrangement.
  • Option of Metric or Imperial dimensions
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