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To use these templates*, you also need the PLANS

*Full size templates are in .pdf format. They need to be printed on a plan printing machine. Most cities have plan printing shops that can do this for you, alternatively, you may know a local architect, or engineer who could print the templates for you at a reasonable price.

Kalostyn was designed as the subject matter of a book that I had planned to write called, 'How to design a boat using SketchUp 3D software'. I created a design that had lots of curves in order to demonstrate how to put these curved forms into a 3D model, and then create and export the the framing and flattened hull panels. I have yet to write that book!

The design intent was for a hull that would perform reasonably well on low horsepower. I had about 15hp in mind. The transom is designed to take a long shaft motor.


Length 14' 0"
Beam 5' 6"
Bare Hull Weight 310 lbs
Power Requirement - about 15 hp at 940 lb displacement which is the approximate weight when loaded with 3 people, engine and ancilliaries.

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Andrew Walters
June 2013

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