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JC10 Plans

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The JayCee was conceived with Tyrone Boats as a trainer for the International Canoe. The idea was to produce a craft which was based upon low cost, easy building techniques and which would be an introduction into the world of IC sailing. With all this in mind, the hull is made from 4mm ply using the stitch and tape process.

She has a simple sliding seat and the rig is based upon a grp sailboard mast with a sleeved sail so keeping the need for specialist fittings and gear down. However, there is enough gear to enable the helmsman to 'tweek' her performance with a Barbour Haul arrangement for the foresail sheet.

An exciting craft which may in the future form the experimental model for a new stitch and tape 'B' class version of the IC10! LOD 15'6" (4.73m); Hull Beam 2'11 1/2" (0.9m); Sail Area 56 sq.ft. (5.17 sq.m).

JC10 Particulars

LOA 15'6" 4.73m
Beam 35 1/2" 0.9m
Hull Mid Depth 11 1/4" 0.29m
Approx. Dry Weight 135lbs 61kg
Approx. Capacity 650lbs 295kg

Hull Shape

Multi-chine with 5 planks per side
Construction Method Stitch and tape
Plywood Requirements 6 sheets of 4mm
Guidance Use Race training and fun sailing
Drawing/Design Package 6 x A1 drawings including alternative 8.26 sq.m. sail plan and centreboard arrangement + 7 x A4 instruction sheets

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