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Dory shaped ply hulls and decks

LENGTH O.A.6.65m
BEAM O.A 3.9m
DISPL (empty) 0.4T
DISPL (loaded) 0.8T
DRAFT 0.25 - 0.8m
SAIL AREA 20.9sq m

Note 6 adults on board and room to spare

Quote from a builder in Iceland

"The plans are more than excellent - even a kid could build from the plans. "

And from a owner in Australia

"Great boat - tacks without hesitation in light air. Sailing 4 to 6 knots in a 7 to 10 knot breeze. With 4 adults and 4 children. Great! Would recommend the boat to anyone who is not a couch potato. "

Don't be deceived by Janus' simple dory shaped hulls (which make it a very easy boat to build). It has a lot of internal room for its length and a surprisingly good performance.

Trailering and assembly are easy as the flat bottomed hulls remain upright unsupported.

Janus is the best choice for the less experienced builder or sailor and for those who prefer simplicity

"After we'd reach the bridge we were broad reaching and went very fast indeed. We realised that Richard Woods designs great boats. For what is more fun than leaving with two monohulls of the same size and a few miles further on all you can see are a couple of dots behind?" Mark Offringa - Holland

"Two Fishes has now logged hundreds of miles including a crossing to Flushing straight across the North Sea last year, and the same again this - via Ramsgate, Dunkirk, Ostende and Breskens." Norman Jenkins UK

"After 7 months your 29th Janus was ready. She is fast, really fast. I noticed several times when only 10 - 12m monohulls could keep up. Once friends commented "He's going very fast - he must have a good engine!" Engine, there is no engine, only sails!" A Bettencamp Portugal

Materials List:

    • Bulkheads 3 sheets 6mm ply
    • Topsides 12 sheets 6mm ply
    • Keelplanks 2 sheets 9mm ply
    • Decking/Cabin 6 sheets 6mm ply
    • D'board/Beamboxes 3 sheets 6mm ply
    • D'boards/Rudders 2 sheets 12mm ply
    • Beams 2 sheets 6mm ply
    • Platform 1 sheet 9mm pl
    • 26 sheets 6mm ply
    • 3 sheets 9mm ply
    • 2 sheets 12mm ply

All plywood to be best quality marine grade Gaboon ply.
Sheet sizes are 8' x 4' (2440 x 1220)

All timber to be "Joinery Quality" or better softwood. Use Douglas Fir, Yellow Cedar, Sitka Spruce or similar. Sizes given are nominal "PAR" (Planed all Round) ie 2" x 1" has a "real" size of approx 45mm x 20mm

    • 1"x 1" 90m plus 8 off 3.5m for beams
    • 2" x 1" 110m plus 4 off 3.5m for beams
    • 11/2" x 5/8" 10m (deck stringers) or use 11/2" x 3/4"
    • 11/2" x 11/2" 8m (D'board boxes)
    • 5" x 1" 5m (stem)
    • 3" x1" 4m (platform)
    • 3" x 3/4" 15m (platform beam) or use 3" x 1"
    • 3" x 11/2" 2m (tillers
      • GLUE:
        • 8Kg epoxy (for beams and high stress joints)
          10Kg polyurethene (for general glueing) plus fillers etc
        • 1 roll 100mm wide glass tape (or 5Kg Biaxial glass)

        If sheathing add 20Kg epoxy and 15Kg 300g glass cloth

        • Approx 2Kg 1" CS Gripfast nails,
        • 1Kg 3/4" CS Gripfast nails
        • 1 Box Brass screws 1" no 8, 3/4" no 6
      • PAINT sufficient for 5 coats approx 201 total

More building photos (below): Page 1 - Page 2

Exteriior photos: Page 1 - Page 2

Sailing Photos:

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