Hinton 15M Plywood Barge Plans

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This is a simple barge with flat bottom single chine shape and a "swim" shaped stern (under the waterline similar to narrow boats). The bow would be vertically staved plywood in 2 or 3 overlapping layers. Construction details are available for the hull only and approximately 45 sheets of 18mm ply and 40 sheets of 24mm ply are used for the hull skin.

She may be fitted out to the builders requirements and we can give advice on deck construction etc. She is designed for use as a houseboat in inland waters.



Hinton 15m Particulars

LOA 49'9" 15.16m
Beam 9'9" 2.98m
Hull Mid Depth 6'10" 2.09m
Draft 2'4" 0.72m
Maximum Headroom 6'5" 1.96m
Displacement at 600mm WL 21 tons 21300 kg
Engine Approx. 50-80 hp for use on inland canals
Hull Shape Flat bottom single chine
Construction Methods Ply over frame
Major plywood requirements for hull only 48 x 18mm sheets
70 x 24mm sheets
Guidance Use UK canal
Drawing/Design Package 3 x A1 drawings + 4 x A4 instruction/spec sheets
Additions and alterations included with the plans  
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