Highlander 16 Plans

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The Highlander 16' dayboat was designed for a New Zealand client who wanted a rugged camping dinghy/dayboat for use around North Island. She retains the easy riding 'U' shape of the other Highlanders forward but departs from their shape in having a sharp bow.
The interior is adaptable to suit the needs of the builder and the drawings show an optional outboard well and simple cuddy arrangement. The drawings also show 5 different sail plans including Gunter, Bermudan, Lug, Sprit and Yawl sail plans. 8 sheets of 1/4" ply are used plus 3 sheets of 3/8" for rudder, centreboard. Details are also available for strip plank construction.
The standard construction uses stitch & tape ply but details are also available to build her using the strip plank method.

Left is a picture of the modified Highlander 16 (known as the Westray) with a yawl rig - the standard plans give the details for both the Westray hull and this rig.
The Westray has an additional plank per side and is slightly deeper - see section below.

There are 6 different sail rigs given with the standard plans including standing lug, sprit, gunter and gaff shown below.

These rigs can also be purchased separately for use on other designs - contact SFDesign for further details.

Highlander 16 Particulars

LOA 16' 4.88m
Beam 5'11" 1.8m
Hull Mid Depth 1'10" 0.56m
Draft 7"/4' 0.18/1.22m
Sail Area (original bermudan rig) 132 sq.ft 12.28 sq.m
Approx. Dry Weight 350 lbs (basic) 159 sq.m
Hull Shape Multi-chine with 3 planks per side or round bilge for strip plank
Construction Methods Stitch and tape and strip plank
Major plywood requirements for hull 8 1/2 sheets of 6mm and 3 sheets of 9mm exterior or marine plywood
Guidance Use Up to 4 adults for sailing
Drawing/Design Package 9 x A1 drawings + 11 x A4 instruction sheets
Additions and alterations included with the plans Strip plank moulds (separate)
Gunter main with jib
Gaff main with jib and bowsprit
Sprit main with jib
Lug main with jib
Gunter yawl with bowsprit
Double ended hull plank shapes
Westray plank shapes (4 planks per side)
Outboard well
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