Highlander 12' Plans

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Using just 4 sheets of 1/4" ply, the 12' Highlander is a lot of boat for it's material cost, and with it's wide side benches and an easily handled sprit rig, it is an ideal dinghy to teach children to sail or to simply potter about in. With buoyancy fitted coastal dinghy cruising is a definite possibility with this boat. One of these dinghies has done sterling service as a fishing boat for a large teenage family and a tender for a yacht's stores and dog on the West Coast of Scotland. Strip plank details are available for the Highlander 12'
The Highlander 12 is an old favourite - many have been built and used in all sorts of guises.

Highlander 12 Particulars

LOA 12' 3.66m
Beam 5' 1.52m
Hull Mid Depth 1 ' 7 1/2" 0.5m
Draft - both daggerboard and centreboard details are given 6"/2'5" 0.15/0.74m
Sail Area - standard rig is sprit main with jib - additional rigs given are a lug with jib and a gaff main with topsail and jib 70 sq.ft 6.51 sq.m
Approx. Dry Weight 120 lbs 54.4 kg
Hull Shape V/flat bottom with additional 2 planks per side - or round bilge strip planked
Construction Method Stitch and tape with epoxy stringer chines for additional stiffness - plans also give the mould shapes and jig details for Cedar strip planking
Major plywood requirements for hull 4 x sheets of 6mm exterior or marine plywood
Guidance Use 3 adults rowing/motoring - 2-3 adults sailing
Drawing/Design Package 3 x A0 drawings + 2 x A1 drawings for strip planking + 12 x A4 instruction sheets incl. details for gaff main and topsail

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