Goshawk 14 Plans

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The 14’ Goshawk has emerged in the same way that the 16’ Goshawk did—by someone asking for a wider and deeper Skylark. What the client wanted was a small boat which was more than the normal dinghy type which tends to have a mid hull depth around 18” (450mm). The additional hull depth (around 24” (0.610m) with it’s associated increased beam gives a craft with much higher carrying capacity which can take a cuddy or even a small cabin and which will allow someone to sleep on board perhaps under a boom tent.

To help facilitate this, the hinged board is not in the centre but is accommodated on the side of the seating which gives a completely free area in the middle of the boat.

Construction is simple stitch and tape and would normally use 9mm more or less throughout. 6mm ply could be used for lightness. She may be fitted out and used in a number of ways and without the pivoting board and sail rig if a pure motor boat is needed.

Goshawk 14 Particulars

LOA 14' 4.27m
Beam 6'1" 1.85m
Hull Mid Depth 2' 0.62m
Draft 6"/3'2" 0.21/0.97m
Sail Area 97 sq.ft 9.02 sq.m
Approx. Dry Weight 450lbs 204 kg
Hull Shape Flat bottom with 4 planks per side
Construction Method Stitch and tape
Major plywood requirements for hull 11 sheets of 9mm
1 sheet of 6mm
Guidance Use 4-5 adults
Drawing/Design Package 4x A1 drawings + 8 x A4 instruction sheets

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