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It seems inevitable that for a portable boat that fits in the family vehicle, the sailing version should have a mast and boom that does the same thing. Past attempts at this were specific to a particular boat. Now, I am introducing a design that can be universal in nature. It can be used, with minor modifications, on any small sail boat design, past, present or future. Review the following and see if it satisfies your specific needs. Basically, I have taken a simple, yet ridged 12 foot mast and made it into a folding design that is now 6 feet in length. This idea can be scaled up, or down, with a 16 foot maximum length mast recommended.

Mast ready to be un-folded

As you can see, the mast is easy to unfold and extend while at the waters edge. Setting the boom in place is a matter of snaping it into a eye on the mast. The 2 part mast is both rugged and reasonably lightweight, and easily fits into many different hull designs.

Simplicity is always a key factor in my designs, and the folding mast and boom follow that philosophy.

Under a light breeze, heading back to the ramp.

Ken Simpson's folding mast and boom

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