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It’s a new year and things are pretty quiet around here which isn’t really a big deal since I’m firmly in the semi-retired camp. But it’s too dang cold to be working outside and one of the items on my to do list is updating the pdf plan files for EasyB(12’) and EasyB(14’). The last couple of custom canoe designs I’ve done the clients requested full size patterns for full stations rather than the half I’d been providing. Apparently I’m in a minority on the issue of saving paper (and money) so in deference to majority, attached are pdf files for both the 12’ and 14’ versions of EasyB, the first and only boat(s) I’ve ever designed that didn’t have something that whispered “change me”.

Part of this largess is due to the now ubiquitous nature of pdf files, the availability of printing services at any Kinko’s or office supply and most importantly, my ability to create those files with freeware.

For anyone that jumps off into the building/using venture, my heartfelt best wishes, with a secondary apology to any significant other disconcerted by what can become a lifelong obsession. There are a lot of good boats in this size range but I’m obviously partial to these two and believe there no more versatile boat around.  

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