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Double Action Air Pump

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These pumps come with three different nozzles and are designed to fill everything from inflatable boats to air mattresses, but we stock them primarily for inflating our popular Beach Rollers. Historically we offered a bellows style pump, but these new double action hand pumps are smaller (less than 12 inches long), lighter (7 ounces), and more powerful—inflating the rollers firmly in short order.

Please note: There are multiple ways to inflate our rollers—from battery-operated pumps to using your lungs in a pinch—but with this pump we’ve found that while you can remove the hose nozzles and make the hose fit inside the Beach Roller’s adaptor, The best approach is to remove the pump's hose entirely and to give the pump’s port a couple of wraps with tape so that it fits more snugly into the Beach Roller’s supplied adaptor (see photos) This makes the pump even smaller and the whole system works great.

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