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A larger version of the Aloha SUP

13.6" x 30" - 4.11m x 76cm

Maximum recommended paddler size is 230lbs/104kg.

For printed plans for Big Aloha, click HERE


These pics are of the prototype, flawlessly built by Brian Scarborough - thanks Brian!

A builder's request - he wants to row my Big Aloha paddleboard. For exercise, not speed.

The existing clamp-on/drop-in sliding seat rigs for SUPs are both heavy and cumbersome, and relatively tall - the seat must be raised so the feet can be positioned correctly.

That can all be mitigated when one builds the board themselves. As I've drawn things up, the rails are mounted directly onto the deck, and there's a simple footwell built into the board. The wing is quickly removed using big plastic knobs, and is the same easily built one I have on my Veloce' scull.

I have written up instructions, and added this to the appendix of the Big Aloha's building guide. It will be available for previous builders, as well.


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