Beach Roller Pump Adapter

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Bellows pump - shown here with pump adaptor attached.
Notice the heavy seams and the quality valve. A quarter turn removes the valve cover for filling or deflating.
Twist and turn the knob to hold the valve open or closed. Push the spring loaded valve to open it temporarily.
This shows the optional pump adaptor (lower right) which twists onto the valve and holds it open.
The adaptor fit our battery powered pump so seems to be a standard size. It is approximately 13/16" in diameter.
The roller fills in seconds and the spring loaded valve closes as soon as the adaptor is removed. The rollers can be filled without the adaptor by rotating the valve knob open; blowing the roller full; then rotating the valve closed. But this is much easier with the adaptor.
The other end of the roller has a very heavy loop that is welded onto the roller.

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