Bare Copper Wire

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Variously called "stitch and glue", "stitch and tape" or "tack and tape" this method involves joining plywood panels with wire ties, then applying fiberglass and epoxy to either side of this joint. This strong and lignt technique was first used in Great Britain on the Mirror Dinghy. Later it was adopted by Joe Dobler and other American designers and today is used extensively by plywood boat builders. Tacks, wire, or plastic cable ties are variously used to temporarily connect the panels while the fiberglass and epoxy are applied.

One of these 25 foot rolls will be enough for most small single chine boats. The 18 gauge wire will easily hold 4 to 6 mm plywood that is not stressed too much. where more holding power is required, you may want the more expensive and roughly twice as stiff 16 gauge wire.

This wire is free of insulation and anealed. It can be left in the joint if epoxied over.

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