Armstrong Hatches

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Watertight compression deck plates.

Over the years of selling and using various deck plates and hatches we've discovered that very few are really watertight. Fortunately most of them are watertight enough—meaning they don't leak much, and not enough to compromise the flotation aspect of whatever locker or area they are installed. But especially in vulnerable areas where water can accumulate (cockpit soles, etc.) most of the typical plates and hatches will allow some water in.

Somewhere along the way our friend Simeon Baldwin found these Armstrong compression-style hatches that installed on his SCAMP sailboat, and lo and behold they really are watertight, just like the factory claims. In addition, they are a one-piece unit and don't require a trim ring, fasteners or sealant—just cut the proper size hole and install. Just turn the T-handle to tighten and release the plate as it squeezes down on its large seal gasket against its backing arm.

The downside to these hatches is relatively minor, but the T-handle takes a few turns to loosen and you sometimes have to wiggle the hatch a little to slip the deck plate's backing arm out from inside the compartment opening. Not a big deal, but if you're installing a plate that you plan to access frequently, the typical screw-in or quater-turn plates are easier to open and close. However if you want a truly watertight seal, the Armstrong is the way to go.

We are presently offering these hatches in round, 8 inch, 10 inch, 12-inch (OD) sizes and in a rectangular 11.25 x 21.25 inch size.

Compare the impressive advantages of Armstrong:


  • Watertight - Completely seals against water intrusion.
  • One-piece Unit - No trim ring, fasteners, or sealant.
  • Ease of use - A turn of the "T" handle releases or secures the deck plate - No additional tools or efiort needed to open or close; simply finger tighten or release.
  • Patented design loads the deck plate at the center, distribution sealing pressure uniformly at the seal ring - No uneven pressure to cause seals to break..


  • Watertight - Reduce the number of warranty claims and processing time by customer service staff, as well as the cost of replacement parts.
  • One-piece Unit - Reduce manufacturing time. Cut the hole, slip the Deck Plate in place and tighten the "T" handle by hand.
  • Real Savings in Material Costs - No additional purchase of screws and caulking compounds are required for installation, and no clean-up.
  • No lost, broken, or dirty parts - Install your Deck Plate during final inspection at the end of the production line.



Hi Josh -

Long time no talk. I know that means you’re busy, which is good I guess.

Great to see you are now carrying Armstrong hatches. You also need to stock and market as an add-on, the replacement T-handles. Those handles can be a weak-link. They are interchangeable with all the Armstrong hatches.

I ordered mine from Chris Callahan at Armstrong, part # and contact info attached. The retail cost back then was $7.75 each kit of 1 handle. I’d recommend carrying at least 2 aboard.

CLICK HERE for a write up of info for users.

Simeon's SCAMP, "Noddy"


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