Anchor Buddy

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Anchor Buddy Stretch Anchor Rode Boat mooring retrieval system stretches from 14 to 50 feet. (please note this is the full size Anchor Buddy, not the shorter version)

Available in Red, Blue, or Black

We've seen these used over the years, but on the last small-boat cruise we were on they were all over the place - and now we can see why. Much less complicated and probably more reliable than any "clothes line" anchoring system, the Anchor Buddy also doesn't require the constant vigilance and adjusting of a shore-tie and stern anchor in tidal areas. They make your life cruising a small boat much more comfortable - and safer. Needless to say we're sold on them and have started stocking them

  • Shock Absorbing
  • 4000 pound capacity

One of the great things about many of our small boats is the fact that we can beach them easily. What is less certain, however, is whether you'll find your boat hard aground on a falling tide, or afloat on deep water while you're stuck on shore in a rising tide. The dream scenario, of course, would be some way to beach your boat so you can step ashore but then have your boat magically retract about 30 feet offshore when you let go if it. And then without needing a dinghy (or to wade or swim), to be able to retrieve your boat easily again from shore. Well, such a magic device actually exists - the Anchor Buddy.

From talking to people who use them, Anchor Buddies have proven totally reliable, but anyone concerned can add a 45-foot rope alongside the Anchor Buddy section for extra security.

Sailor Joel Bergen describes the process this way in his forthcoming article in Small Craft Advisor magazine:

"When you get approximately 100 feet from shore, begin lowering your anchor to the bottom, and pay out line as you slowly approach the beach. When you arrive at the shore, exit the boat taking the remaining anchor rode with you. Begin pulling on the anchor rode. As you continue pulling the rode, you will feel the Anchor Buddy stretching. Continue pulling until the Anchor Buddy is fully stretched to its limit and the anchor will begin to set. Pull as hard as you can to ensure the anchor is fully set. Release the anchor rode and allow the Anchor Buddy to fully retract. Take the bitter end of the anchor rode and tie it to a tree, log or boulder, removing all slack from the anchor line without stretching the Anchor Buddy. Finally, return to the bow of the boat. Pull the anchor rode again until the Anchor Buddy is fully stretched. Cleat the anchor rode to a bow cleat. Give the boat a gentle push off the beach and watch as the Anchor Buddy retracts and pulls the boat 30 feet offshore."

Here's a shot of Joe Bergen's Anchor Buddy setup on his Welsford Navigator.

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