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Due to the e-mailed interest in the design, and the plan sales of the original 10 foot version of the Hudson Springs Pram; I've brought it's little brother, the 9 foot FlyCaster to the front of the "need to build" list. It will be the next start to finish boat I construct with my usual series of stories and photos posted at Duckworks Magazine.

Flycaster Specifications:

Length: 9ft
Beam: 51"
Weight: w/seat 80 lbs
Max Outboard: 2 hp
Max Load: 485 lbs

This will be a solo boat. I am not going to add any drawings of extra bulkheads with more traditional styles of bow and stern seats. This will only have the single pyramid tower in the middle of the boat to accept one of the swiveling/removable seats you can get at your locale outdoor store, or at Cabalas and other sports and fishing gear online retailers. If you would like to add other structures to the interior of the hull; I only ask that you balance the weight distribution of any changes you make between the front and back of the hull before you attach the seat pyramid. You don't want to upset the balance of the boat as it is designed. The plan instructions will explain how to compensate for any changes you may make to the basic design.

One of the things I would suggest, is to download and construct both the 9 and 10 foot version's of the PDF model files. That way you can see the physical difference's in the size of the two boats as they are sitting side by side. The FlyCaster will be several pounds lighter, and fit in the back of smaller pickup trucks due to it's smaller footprint. You will also notice that the FlyCaster still has plenty of waterline surface area to carry a lot of weight and not be a tank to row. I think that it could even be made from 4mm plywood with some stiffeners added to the corners and become a "car topper". That will lower the weight even more. I will work up some ideas for this when I construct the prototype hull. I hope to try out a new method of positive floatation for this hull by using a type of "closed cell" foam that I used as pillar material in my whitewater kayaks. It will add extra buoyancy to the boat and act as "rubber baby buggy bumpers". :)

I hope you have fun constructing and comparing the two boats and that this will make it easier to pick a size that best suits your needs and desires. Just think about being out on a sunny day, casting away your troubles and worries in your new HSP FlyCaster!

The three part series of constructing the FlyCaster, can be seen starting at this link.

To see over 200 photos taken during the construction of the hull, check out my album page.

Plans include the following PDF files:

  • Printable Paper model - FREE Download
  • 46 page instruction manual
  • 15 pages of detailed, color drawings

an example of the beautiful drawings in these plansan example of the beautiful drawings in these plans

Each set of plans comes with a printable paper model (click here),
15 colorful and concise pages of drawings (samples above) and a 46 page instruction manual - perfect for the first time builder.

Warren Messer
Red Barn Boats

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