25'1" Kari 4 Sailing Cruiser Plans

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The Kari 4 follows in the tradition of her smaller sisters in having a hull with 4 planks per side. Her construction starts with the assembly of a plywood framework consisting of a ply fore and aft girder incorporating the centreboard case etc slotted together with ply frames and bulkheads. Stringers are then fitted at the plank lands and the planking can either be put on lapped (clinker fashion) or as a multi-chine shape. The Kari 3 has been strip planked and there is no reason why the same cannot be done on the Kari 4.

Maximum headroom as drawn is 5' 6" (1.68m) and she has 4 berths (including a dinette/double), a wc compartment and galley.

The standard rig has a furling jib and high peaked gaff main but various other rigs could be used along with different keel arrangements - the standard steel centreplate allows a low draft but a fixed keel and inboard engine could be fitted.

Kari 4 Particulars

LOD 25'1" 7.65m
Beam 8'6" 2.6m
Draft 2'1"/5'2" 0.63/1.58m
Sail Area 339 sq.ft 31.56 sq.m
Approx. Dry Weight 3528 lbs 1600 kg
Ballast 1169 lbs 530 kg
Maximum Headroom 5'6" 1.68m
Accommodation 4 berths (incl. double) wc compartment and galley
Engine Outboard around 20 hp  
Hull Shape U shaped multi chine with 4 planks per side
Construction Methods Clinker ply over framework of ply bulkheads and girders
Major plywood requirements 6 x 4mm sheets
6 x 6mm sheets
18 x 9mm sheets
18 x 12mm sheets
2 x 18mm sheets
2 x 24mm sheets
Guidance Use Offshore
Drawing/Design Package 13 x A1 drawings + 11 x A4 instruction/spec sheets
Additions and alterations included with the plans  
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