50/50 Sailing Canoe Plans

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A 50/50 canoe is a boat which has been designed and built with the intention that it should be as easily and efficiently powered by sail as it is by paddle (in this case a double paddle). This means that the rig needs to be both efficient and easy to erect and stow—she can use any of the rigs we have for our canoes but the one detailed on the plans is of a batwing type with spars which can be hinged to lie along the mast so that it can be stowed inboard when not in use. The cockpit is wider than normal for a single crew member so that the crew can sit on the canoe bottom out to one side when sailing. Construction is simple stitch and tape using 4mm plywood. There are stowage/WT compartments fore and aft.

50/50 Particulars

LOA 15' 4.58m
Beam 35" 0.9m
Hull Mid Depth 17" 0.43m
Approx. Dry Weight 55lbs 25kg
Approx. Capacity 650lbs 295kg

Hull Shape

Multi-chine with 4 planks per side
Construction Method Stitch and tape
Plywood Requirements 4-5 sheets of 4mm
Guidance Use General purpose single sailing
Drawing/Design Package 4 x A1 drawings + 5 A4 instruction sheets

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