24' Orwell Commuter Launch Plans

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A slightly modern 'take' on a classic type of launch - many built in the mid 20th Century were much larger so this is a mini version. Half the launch is outside seating in an open cockpit and half is simple accommodation in the form of a couple of bunks/seats, and space for a small galley and wc. The hull shape has a classic 'tumblehome' aft with 'flare' in the topsides towards the bow.

Construction is strip planking over moulds with the bulkheads used as 'permanent' moulds on the building jig. she will jog along happily with a 35hp engine but can take up to 60 or 70 hp.

24' Orwell Commuter Launch Particulars

LOA 24' 7.31m
Beam 7'9" 2.35m
Hull Mid Depth 3'6" 1.05m
Draft 2'5" 0.73m
Approx. Dry Weight 3308 lbs 1500 kg
Engine up to 70 hp inboard
Hull Shape Round bilge with tumblehome aft and flare forwards
Construction Methods Strip plank.
Major strip plank requirement 950m of 18x33 Western Red Cedar (3115ft of 3/4"x1 1/4")
Guidance Use 6 adults
Drawing/Design Package 8 x A1 drawings + 6 x A4 instruction/spec sheets
Additions and alterations included with the plans

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