21' Skua Plans

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The attractive little SKUA has been designed for trailer sailing. She has the option of carrying salt water ballast in 2 tanks built-in to the boat and giving her a total ballast weight of 550 kg. 480 kg of this is water which is discharged when the boat is recovered onto the trailer giving her a trailer weight of around 900 kg. She has 2 comfortable berths a w.c. and galley but she could be fitted out with berths under the cockpit seating. She has an outboard well and a deep safe cockpit and foredeck well. The gaff sloop rig is mounted in a tabernacle and her centreboard arrangement has been designed so as not to encroach on the cabin space, is raised from the cockpit and pivoted outside the hull to prevent leaks. There is a choice of two methods of construction - the computer faired mould shapes are given for strip planked construction and the panel shapes and details are given for ply epoxy construction. Details are included for a schooner bowed cutter version with a larger volume hull - details are also included for a lug rig and bilge boards.

The plans also include details for a Bermudan Sloop rig (below)

The plans also include details for a Lug Yawl rig.

21' Skua Particulars

LOD 21'3" 6.48m
Beam 7'10" 2.38m
Draft 2'1"/4'6" 0.63/1.38m
Sail Area 246 sq.ft 22.92 sq.m
Displacement 3308 lbs 1500kg
Ballast 1213 lbs 550 kg
Maximum Headroom 4'8" 1.43m
Accommodation 2 berths plus galley and wc
Engine 8-10 hp in well  
Hull Shape Round bilge
Construction Methods Strip plank and stitch and tape
Major strip wood requirements for hull 2300' of 3/4" x 1 1/4" (700m of 18x30mm) WRC
Guidance Use Offshore
Drawing/Design Package 13 x A1 drawings + 15 x A4 instruction/spec sheets
Additions and alterations included with the plans Lug sloop rig
Bermudan rig
Cutter rig with schooner bow
Stitch and tape construction with 5 planks per side
Pivoted bilge boards
Hollow mast/spar details
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