16' Selway Fisher Melonseed Skiff Plans

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The original Melonseed skiffs were gunning boats for hunting around the New Jersey area of North America. Unlike some of the other gunning skiffs and sneak boxes which were definitely inland boats, the Melonseeds were for use in more open and estuary waters which, around New Jersey, could be quite choppy.
With their fine lines they were quick boats and easily sailed with their single boomed sprit rigs which were unstayed. They were often carvel built (clinker sometimes producing too much noise for gunning) with a lovely low profile and beautifully raked transom with wineglass aft sections. The hull has a narrow flat bottom plank which is flat from the bottom of the bow to around 2/3rds of the length aft where it swings up in a graceful curve to the transom which narrows as it goes. this makes fitting the centreboard case very easy.
The Selway Fisher version uses a pivoted plywood centreboard for convenience in shallow waters rather than the daggerboard that the original boats often had and has a strip planked hull.
She is a very beautiful and unusual hull type - an excellent project for the builder wanting an unusual design to construct - there are many photos on the web of the traditional type.

16' Selway Fisher Melonseed Skiff Particulars

LOA 16'1" 4.91m
Beam 5'7" 1.70m
Hull Mid Depth 1'6" 0.45m
Draft 6"/3'1 1/2" 0.15/0.95m
Sail Area 97 sq.ft 9 sq.m 
Approx. Dry Weight 430lbs 195 kg

Hull Shape

Strip planked round bilge
Construction Method Strip plank
Major strip wood requirements for hull 340m of 9x33mm (1115' of 3/8"x1 1/4")
Guidance Use 3-4 adults
Drawing/Design Package 5x A1 drawings + 9 x A4 instruction sheets 
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