13'4" Selway Fisher Melonseed Skiff Plans

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The 13'4" Melonseed skiff follows the same lineage as her 16' sister (below) and in fact, you will probably find more of this length than the longer boat around the shores of New Jersey.

This shorter example has a pierced toe rail which was quite usual on the original boats - this could also be fitted to the 16 footer. She has the same easily handled unstayed sprit rig and centreboard rather than the daggerboard that the original boats often had - this is simply for convenience when sailing in very shallow waters.

I have gone for a curved cockpit coaming very much of the canoe type - the original boats had a smaller cockpit opening which was of a simple rectangular shape and again, this could be used rather than the shape shown on the drawings.

Like her longer sister, a very beautiful boat with graceful strip planked hull lines to make an unusual project and a nice boat to sail.

13'4" Selway Fisher Melonseed Skiff Particulars

LOA 13'4" 4.06m
Beam 4'4 1/2" 1.33m
Hull Mid Depth 1'2 3/4" 0.37m
Draft 6 1/4"/2'5" 0.16/0.73m
Sail Area 62.4 sq.ft 5.8 sq.m
Approx. Dry Weight 331lbs 150 kg
Hull Shape Strip planked round bilge
Construction Method Strip plank
Major strip wood requirements for hull 200m of 9x33mm (656' of 3/8"x1 1/4")
Guidance Use 2-3 adults
Drawing/Design Package 7x A1 drawings + 9 x A4 instruction sheets
Moulds given full-size.

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