16' Kane & Able Plans

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For something quite a bit larger Kane and Able are two separate Suffolk Beach punts. Both have the same overall length, beam and arrangement. Kane is built using the clinker ply method and computer faired mould shapes for this are given on the drawings. Her midships hull depth is 2’1’’. Able differs in that she has been drawn for the stitch and epoxy method and her plank shapes are given on the drawings. The mould shapes for clinker ply construction are also given for Able and in imitation of some Beach Punts, she has had another plank ‘rove on’ giving her a midships hull depth of almost 2’5’’. Able also has one or two details which are closer to the original beach punts whilst Kane is a bit more simple in it’s fit out. Both these boats use a hull form which is similar to the original boats with their hard bilges making them very stable, sweet ‘wineglass’ transoms, flattish sheer line and strong plumb stem. Both boats carry 300 lbs of water ballast and have a lot of internal space for extended family dayboat cruising. The gaff yawl rig will balance under jib and mizzen alone allowing them to romp along in heavy weather and both boats have an outboard well. Kane has 7 planks per side and Able 8 planks.

drawing above: Kane - below: Able

Kane and Able Particulars

LOA 16' 4.88m
Beam 6'6" 2m
Hull Mid Depth 2'1" (Kane)/2' 5" (Able) 0.64m (Kane)/0.73m (Able)
Draft 11"/3'6" 0.29/1.07m
Sail Area 152 sq.ft 14.17 sq.m
Approx. Dry Weight (excl. water ballast) 794 lbs 360 kg
Hull Shape Round bilge with 7/8 planks per side
Construction Methods Kane - clinker ply/Able - clinker ply and stitch and tape
Major plywood requirements for hull 8 x 6mm sheets
8 x 9mm sheets
1 x 12mm sheet
Guidance Use 4-6 adults
Drawing/Design Package 6 x A1 drawings (Kane) - 8 x A1 drawings (Able) + 7 x A4 instruction sheets (Kane)/ 12 x A4 instruction sheets (Able)
Additions and alterations included with the plans For Able - Topsail

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