15'7" Raven Plans

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Adrian Cabedo (see the Wren) came back to us for a second design. He wanted a slightly more sophisticated design, still of the Canadian type, for long distance portaging and camping in Spain. Basing the new design on the Wren, we increased her beam to 36" and by using 4 planks per side were able to give her section some tumblehome. This has two effects - with the beam at the gunwale less than the beam lower down the hull paddling is easier and with the increased waterline beam, she is a very stable design. A bulkhead is incorporated with some decking at both ends giving buoyancy or stowage space and she uses the stitch and tape method of construction. 3 sheets of 4, 5 or 6mm ply are used and the weight is around 50 lbs with 5mm ply.

15'7" Raven Particulars

LOA 15'7" 4.75m
Beam 36" 0.92m
Hull Mid Depth 12 1/2" 0.32m
Approx. Dry Weight 50lbs 22.7kg
Approx. Capacity 775lbs 351kg

Hull Shape

Narrow flat bottom plank plus 3 planks per side with tumblehome in the topsides
Construction Method Stitch and tape
Plywood Requirements 3 sheets of 4,5 or 6mm
Guidance Use General purpose
Drawing/Design Package 2 x A1 drawings + 5 x A4 instruction sheets

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