15' 6" Whitehall Skiff

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This is the Selway Fisher version of the lovely Whitehall Skiff. The origins of the Whitehall Skiff (or pulling boat) are a little vague - some say that her design came from some of the small workboats around Whitehall in London but others trace her origins to the working boats used by the 'runners' who used them in places like Boston on the US Eastern seaboard to tout for trade from the incoming sailing vessels.

In any event, they were sleek craft with a beautiful wineglass transom more often carvel built.

This Selway Fisher version can be built using clinker, strip plank or stitch and tape construction methods with 7 planks per side. The plans are complete with details for rudder, centreboard and sprit sailing rig.

Whitehall 15'6" Skiff Particulars

LOA 15' 6" 4.73m
Beam 4' 5 1/2" 1.36m
Hull Mid Depth 1' 6 1/2" 0.47m
Draft 7"/ 3' 3 1/2" 0.18/ 1.0m
Approx. Dry Weight excl. side tanks etc 95 lbs 43 kg

Hull Shape

'U' shaped with 7 planks per side

Construction Method Clinker, Strip Cedar and Stitch and tape
Major plywood requirements for hull 5-6 sheets of 6mm (hull only)
Guidance Use 2 to 4 adults
Drawing/Design Package 7 x A1 drawings + 8 x A4 instruction sheets

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