Wire Rope Swaging Sleeves

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Make your own standing rigging

Here is an economical way to make your own swaged standing rigging for your sailboat. These tools are much cheaper than the Hydraulic ones and may even cost less than a custom made set of standing rigging even with the cost of the cable and fittings.

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The cutter is pretty self explanatory, but the swaging tool is not obvious. The way it works is you position the sleeve in the tool and tighten the bolts with a wrench, just as in the illustration below.

When an oval sleeve is swaged properly with a "Swage-It" tool, the fitting will hold the rated strength of a copper oval sleeve. When using the tool for loop ends, one oval sleeve will hold the full strength on 7X7 or 7X19 cable.

Our standard zinc plated, copper oval sleeves are capable of supporting the tested breaking strength of the cable to which they are attached, when properly applied with a "SWAGE-IT" tool.

Always use a five to one safety factor when designing cable assemblies. If the breaking strength of the cable is 2000 lbs. (1.8" 7X19 galv. Cable) then the maximum load to which the cable is subjected should never exceed 400 lbs.

"Swage-It" tools are precision manufactured of steel. They use grade 8 bolts for strength and durability. All tools are plated for maximum rust protection and pre-lubed for working ease.

Our Zinc plated copper sleeves will work well with either stainless steel or galvanized cable

Instructions for using SIT-2001 - Swaging Tool:

For 1/16" and 3/32" cable:

1) Insert bolts with washers in holes on either side of size to be used
2) Insert sleeve in proper hole (centered); tighten bolts LIGHTLY to hold sleeve in place.
3) Insert cable and double back through sleeve, extending cut end approx. 1/16" through sleeve.
4) If using thimble, insert at this time and hold cable snug against thimble while folloowing step #5.
5) Tighten bolds EVENLY to bring two halves of tool tightly together

For 1/8" cable:

Complete steps 1-5 above. Then loosen bolts, move tool and repeat step 5 at both ends of sleeve to produce THREE SWAGED AREAS separated by ridges approx 1/32" wide.

When using 1x19 strand cable, use two sleeves at each

Lubricate bolts occasionally for easier tightening

SIT-3001 - Large Swaging Tool (top)1
SIT-2001 -Small Swaging Tool (bottom)2

1Large Swage-it Tool - for 1/8", 5/32", 3/16", & 1/4" sleeves
2Small Swage-it Tool - for 1/16", 3/32", & 1/8" sleeves

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