Veloce' Racing Scull Plans PDF

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A Rowing Shell that can be built in any of 3 lengths

Length 24', 26', or 28'
Beam 12"
Maximum recommended paddler size: 230lbs / 104kg
Weight is about 35lbs / 16kg

For printed plans for Veloce' Racing Scull, click HERE

Key points -

Can be built in 3 different lengths for different sized rowers. 24', 26' and 28'. Beam, and WL beam, is 12" and that remains the same. All covered in the instructions.

Max rower size (recommended, not written in stone) is 230lbs for the 28' boat

Meant for rowers without a local club, or who just want their own boat. Perhaps they were on crew during college or high school, and want to get back into it without a major outlay of cash.

A "club boat" - will not compete with high end or carbon shells, but only cost a few hundred dollars to build (I spent about $300 to build the prototype).

Can be built in about 2 weeks part time, plus weekends, likely for around four hundred bucks.

Uses 1/2 a sheet of 6mm Okoume, and WRC stringers. Skin is 3.2oz polyester.

Instructions cover building the boats, plus building the complete rowing rig, oars and a roof rack.

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    Major errors in the plans

    Posted by Gautier Andreotti on Jan 1st 2023

    Before starting the build I created a 3D model to better understand the plan and avoid mistake. I discovered several mistakes making the build impossible without important modifications. It seems the plans is based on a 24' model and that the larger sizes was extrapolated from 24' but not verified by real builds. The frame 8 is also totally different to the plan. Contacted by email the designer recognized some possible issues but stop answering my emails when it became obvious than the issues was too serious to avoid important re-design. The concept is interesting for a garage build but not feasible in the version of the plan I received so my rating of 1. I wasted $64.00 and my time.

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