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The QUAD was introduced August 2013, and is a good example of the multi-purpose variations available with modular designed small boats. Primarily a 2 occupant canoe, it can also be used as a 3 module skiff (scuttle the aft module). Row, paddle or trolling motor powered, it is smooth through the water due to it teardrop shaped hull.

The new QUAD is a modular, mulit-purpose, portable boat. It is a 3 or 4 module design, meaning that the builder has a choice in deciding which version is best for their particular use. It is either a 3 module, single occupant, 9 foot motor boat, with good capacity for fishing or hunting gear. Or, it is a 4 module, two occupant canoe, over 11 feet long. Or both ! Either one, when nested, will fit in the back of all trucks and SUV's, as well as many hatchbacks.

Constructed of 3 sheets of 5 mm ACX plywood, the finished weight is less than 50 pounds. I actually designed and built the QUAD for my personal use, and enjoyed it a lot, but sold it to somebody who just "had to have it". It has been replaced in my garage by the Easy One, for now, a completely different type of boat. The QUAD essentially replaces the original TOTER design, and uses the latest processes that I have developed for these small portable boat designs. It's easy to paddle, and tracks well. And with a trolling motor, it reaches maximum hull speed of about 5 mph very quickly.

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Designed for stability, shallow water entry, and ease of assembly, the QUAD should prove very popular with those that need a canoe-like boat with a different personality.

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Happy Boating!
Ken Simpson, Designer

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