Stornoway 16 Plans

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The Stornoway 16 has been designed for Walt Scherf of Oregon USA and continues the lovely rounded lines of the Stornoway family with their firm bilges flowing into an attractive and not too deep transom, making them both excellent sailors and easy rowers.
Like her smaller sisters, she has a narrow bottom plank with a further 6 planks per side - 5 or 6 planks per side seems to be a good compromise between having enough planks to give a nicely rounded hull shape and not over complicating the construction with too many planks. Construction follows the same procedure as the Kingfisher 14 and Stornoway 14 with a rigid backbone consisting of forward and aft girders connected by the centreboard case. Again, as with the Stornoway 14, we have included mould shapes and building jig details for those who want to use the clinker/ply method - the same details may be used for strip planking too.
She has a sunken foredeck and side benches as standard but she may be fitted out in a number of ways (ie. with raised foredeck and side decks etc). We have given her a gunter rig but she could take any of the other 4 rigs given for the Highlander 16 (lug, sprit, bermudan or yawl).

Stornoway 16 Particulars

LOA 16' 4.87m
Beam 6' 1.81m
Hull Mid Depth 2'1" 0.63m
Draft 9"/4' 0.23/1.2m
Sail Area 138 sq.ft 12.87 sq.m
Approx. Dry Weight 450 lbs 204 kg
Hull Shape Multi chine with 6 and 8 planks per side - also round bilge strip plank
Construction Method Stitch and tape, clinker ply and strip plank
Major plywood requirements for hull 13 sheets of 6 mm and 3 sheets of 9mm marine plywood
Guidance Use 4-6 adults rowing/motoring - 3-4 adults sailing
Drawing/Design Package 11 x A1 drawings + 10 x A4 instruction sheets - includes plank shapes for 6 and 8 plank per side versions, moulds/jig for clinker ply and details for fixed bilge keel alternative - strip plank moulds and jig details are sold separately.
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