Simplicity 24 Plans

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This is really a combination of our Simplicity and Swan ranges of traditional cruising yachts for a client who wants an easily handled and safe cruising boat for his young family to sail on the South Coast. We have compromised between the two ranges and gone for a simple construction using 2 chines. This produces a boat with excellent interior space as well as having very good sailing characteristics along with ease in construction.

Like the Simplicities, the construction is heavily based upon pre-shaped ply panels for the frames and girders which are slotted together and along with the bottom panel, form a stiff pre fabricated structure with no separate building frame and immediately ready to take the rest of the ply hull panels which are simply put on over size and trimmed later. Chines are made up from square section unbevelled Douglas Fir with the bevel being taken up by an epoxy fillet cutting down on much of the normal boat building work. The rig is simple with the mast in a tabernacle and the centreboard is below the cabin sole so as not to encroach on the accommodation.

LOA 24’6’’ (7.47m); Beam 8’6’’ (2.59m); Draft 2’6’’/4’8’’ (0.76/1.42m); Sail Area 300 sq.ft. (28 sq.m); Disp. 3 tons; Ballast 2200 lbs.

Note - the drawings now show several different keel options and the details for a hull with an additional chine.

Simplicity 24 Particulars

LOD 24'6" 7.47m
Beam 8'6" 2.59m
Draft 2'6"/4'8" 0.76/1.42m
Sail Area 300 sq.ft 28 sq.m
Displacement 3 tons 3.05 tonnes
Ballast 0.98 tons 9.96 tonnes
Maximum Headroom 5'7" 1.68m
Accommodation 4 berths plus galley and wc compartment
Engine 9 hp inboard  
Hull Shape U shaped - flat bottom with 2 planks per side
Construction Methods Ply over frame
Major plywood requirements 4 x 9mm sheets
39 x 12mm sheets
Guidance Use Offshore
Drawing/Design Package 12 x A1 drawings + 7 x A4 instruction/spec sheets
Additions and alterations included with the plans Mark 2 hull shape with 3 planks per side
Mark 3 hull shape with beam of 7'11" (2.4m) beam
Deep keel with 3'3" (0.98m) draft
Long keel with bilge keels with 2'11" (0.88m) draft
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