Sail Bags for OZ Goose and Goat Island Skiff

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$47.00 - $49.00


These sailbags are made by RSS and are intended for the OZ Goose and Goat Island Skiff but can be used for a variety of sails that are rolled and stored with spars.

The dimensions are with the bags flattened.
RSS Oz Goose Custom SAILBAG GREY 3.400 MTR ROLLED BAG          - 3400mm x 450mm
RSS Goat Island Skiff Custom SAILBAG GREY 3.7 MTR ROLLED BAG   -  3700mm x 400mm

The bag is a heavy nylon with two webbing handles and a drawstring one end. They are long enough for the sail attached to the yard and boom.

They are not waterproof as that collects condensation and the sails will get mouldy because of even a small amount of trapped moisture.

Sails are usually rolled by taking a fold at the top of the sail so the yard is parallel with the boom and then roll the sail down to the boom.

The downhaul  can be loosely tied around the end of the sail to keep the bundle tidy. Illustration below.

A loop of the mainsail can be used at the other end if desired. When derigging the boat we do this after the halyard is removed but before detaching the downhaul and mainsheet from the boat as these stop the lower part of the sail dropping in the sand beside the boat.

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