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The Plurt is a 5 m dia. lightweight insulated yurt you can build yourself from easy to find materials. It is lightweight and quick to assemble on any flat surface. None of the panels weigh more than 20 kilos or are longer than 2.5 m making the Plurt easy to transport and stow. No specialist tools are needed just some basic power tool skills. The Plurt weighs only 250 kilos and takes about 200 hours to build.

The step by step illustrated instructions walk you through the entire build process. They include a lot of further information on all aspects of the build, from the materials you need and how to find and modify them. Unlike a traditional yurt, the Plurt is constructed using the insulating layer as a structural element. This creates an extremely light but very strong structure. You do not need much space to build a Plurt as panels are made one at a time using a jig.

The Plurt plans are metric but allow for the use of Imperial materials. The size of the Plurt is based on the size of a sheet of plywood and it has been designed to be easy to build and have very little waste. Even the panel jig is later used to make a bed and a set of shelves for the Plurt. It is estimated that a Plurt will cost about 3000€ to build which is about half that of a similarly sized traditional yurt.

The bright, spacious and warm wood interior of the Plurt is well lit from the central perspex dome and as many windows as you want. As the Plurt does not have an interior lattice like a traditional yurt it means opening windows can be fitted to any panel and as the panels are interchangeable it allows for different configurations.

There is even an option for an extended headroom version.

To keep things simple and the costs down the design uses common items in its construction. For example the crown is simply a bicycle wheel and the guttering is common braided garden hose. A plexi dome is fitted and it can be raised or lowered for ventilation.


Q: How long will it take to build my Plurt?

Much will depend on your skills and workspace but expect about 200 hours to build.

Q: How much will a Plurt cost to build?

It is very hard to say as there are so many variables but a Plurt should cost about $3300 or about half that of a similar sized traditional yurt.

Q: How long does it take to assemble?

With practice a Plurt can be assembled in less than one hour by one person although it's easier with two.

Q: Where can I put my Plurt?

The Plurt can be assembled on any flat surface that is anchored to the ground. Be careful not to place directly under trees with overhanging branches.

Q: Do you sell a Plurt kit?

Sorry no, the Plurt is only available in plan form. But don't let this stop you! You don't need any specialist tools or a massive place to build one as none of the panels are over 2.5 m long

Q: Just how tough and weather proof is a Plurt?

The Plurt is a very light structure but so long as the surface it is screwed down to is heavy or fixed to the ground it can withstand strong winds, although for comfort's sake it is always best to place your Plurt in a sheltered place away from the worst of the weather. The close fitting roof panels and guttering system ensure the Plurt is always dry and cosy inside.

Q: How much does the Plurt weigh?

The Plurt weighs about 250 kilos in total. Each wall panel weighs about 17 kilos and each roof panel about 10 kilos.

Q: I don't have any woodworking experience, can I still build a Plurt?

You do not need to have any special experience, you only need very basic woodworking skills, and a few power tools such as a jigsaw and a plane. The fully illustrated plans walk you through every step of the build.

Q: How many windows can I fit to the Plurt?

An opening window can be fitted in to each of the wall panels if required and as the panels are interchangeable they can be moved around if you fancy a change in layout.

Q: Can I increase the headroom of the Plurt?

By using a wider plywood it is possible to increase the headroom by almost 30 cms

Q: What are the Plurt's dimensions, area, headroom, volume etc

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Q: Tell me more about the plans

The metric plans have over 100 pages and photos and even bonus sections full of useful information. The plans come as a PDF file that is 17 mb in size. The Plans can be downloaded immediately from an email you will receive after you check out. You do not need to have a PayPal account, and you can pay with your credit card.

With practice a Plurt can be assembled in less than one hour by one person although it's easier with two.


Diameter: 5 metres (16')

Max head room: 2.3 metres (7.5') (increasable to 2.6 m or 8.5')

Floor area: 20 sq m (215 sq ft)

Interior volume: 31 cubic metres (1100 cubic feet) (increasable to 36 cubic metres or 1250 cubic feet)

Weight: 250 kilos (550 lbs)

Plexi dome: 750 to 800 mm diameter (29" to 32")

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