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  • RSS Viola Sailing Canoe Lugsail

    RSS Viola Sailing Canoe Lugsail

    Viola Sailing Canoe - 68sf (6.3sqm) LugFor Viola plans, click HERE This link will take you to the page to download a guide to size sails and spars for a non storer boat. https://reallysimplesails...
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  • Indian Creek Motor Canoe PDF

    Indian Creek Motor Canoe PDF

    For printed plans click HERE This boat rows great, btw, and you should include her as a rowboat, as well. She's our go-to boat for family excursions these days, as even the smallest of electric trolling motors pushes her around easily. Much easier than...
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  • Scout Sailing Package

    Scout Sailing Package

    The full sailing package contains:   QUANTITY                                          ITEM DESCRIPTION SKU 5 Sheet Block Via 10...
    $399.00 - $899.00
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  • Scout Epoxy and Fiberglass Package

    Scout Epoxy and Fiberglass Package

    This kit includes the following: 3 Gallon RAKA Epoxy 1.5 pint Quikfair 1 lb Wood Flour 1 lb Glass bubbles 25 yards 4 oz fiberglass cloth 1 roll 50 yard 1” tape Wooden Dowels for Doublers (36) Gloves (10 sets) Mixing cups (6) Mixing sticks...
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  • Scout CNC Kit Scout CNC Kit

    Scout CNC Kit

    Kit includes: All BS 1088 marine grade plywood and marine grade foam parts—hull, decks, seats, etc   Scout LOA-10' 4" Beam- 50" Draft- 4 1/2" Capacity- 2-3 people Weight- 65 to 75 lbs Simplicity means the achievement of maximum effect with...
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  • Scamp Hardware

    Scamp Hardware

    Deck Cleats 6 SD-041606 6" stainless deck cleats for docklines Pintles and Gudgeons1 set RL490-SCAMP Heavy-duty Scamp-specific pintles and gudgeons Hatches*There are lots of ways to hatch Scamp—this is just one suggested simple...
    $12.00 - $287.47
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  • Goat Island Skiff Lines Packages

    Goat Island Skiff Lines Packages

    GIS Lines Package Spar lacing - 36 ft, Polyester VB braid 1/8" Spar corner lashings -10 feet of 1/8" 12 strand Amsteel Halyard - 40 feet of 5mm Marlow Excel Racing Downhaul -13 feet of 4mm Marlow Excel Racing Traveler/Bridle -11...
    $53.47 - $106.26
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  • Portage Pram Oarlock Package Portage Pram Oarlock Package

    Portage Pram Oarlock Package

    OARLOCK PACKAGEBuck Algonquin bronze oarlocks (5RIB) 2-1/4" round oarlocks (you can request open horn-style oarlocks if preferred) Three pairs of injection molded polypropylene oarlock sockets (SeaDog 580699) for fine adjustment of location of rowing...
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  • Portage Pram Epoxy Tools

    Portage Pram Epoxy Tools

    EPOXY TOOLS CNC Fillet sticksSix 16 oz measuring cupsPack of 10 nitrile gloves (large)Mix sticks (12)2" Chip brushes (4) Wood dowells (24)Plastic squeeges (6)
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  • Portage Pram Daggerboard and Foils Package

    Portage Pram Daggerboard and Foils Package

    CNC DAGGERBOARD AND FOILSDaggerboard trunkDaggerboardRudder partsTiller blankMast partner tube1 yard 6oz. Fiberglass Cloth 1 set of RL-358W pintles and gudgeons1 RL-336 Rudder hold down1 SD-081102 for downhaul and towing eye1 RL-301-B5 sheave for kickup...
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  • 15'8" Fisher Prospector Plans

    15'8" Fisher Prospector Plans

    This is the Selway Fisher version of an old favourite - the Prospector type open canoe. The original Prospectors were originally designed in Canada and known as the "workhorse of the North". They had to have a good carrying capacity for all of the...
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  • 14' Peterborough Plans

    14' Peterborough Plans

    This is a 14’ version of our larger Peterborough design but in this case we have gone for a design with 7 planks per side. She still uses the simple stitch and tape method of construction and has seats for 2 crew. Midships depth is 12 1/2” (0...
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  • Folding Mast & Boom Free Plans PDF

    Folding Mast & Boom Free Plans PDF

    Free Plans - click HERE to download No Stays Required It seems inevitable that for a portable boat that fits in the family vehicle, the sailing version should have a mast and boom that does the same thing. Past attempts at this were specific to...
  • Power 14 Plans

    Power 14 Plans

    The hull for this launch was originally based on our Power 16 model but instead of going for a simple flat bottom panel, we have used a 'V' bottom shape. Whilst this makes construction time a little longer it gives a slightly better ride in choppy...
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  • Thames 32' Clinker, Strip Planked or FRP Skiff Plans

    Thames 32' Clinker, Strip Planked or FRP Skiff Plans

    The Thames 32 has primarliy been designed for Foam Re-inforced Plastic (FRP) construction - the plans give details of the male plug (so that a female mould tool can be made) which can also be built as a finished wood hull. The wood hull can be built...
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  • Fisher Swampscott 12' Plans

    Fisher Swampscott 12' Plans

    This is the first of a new line of dinghies and dories which combine traditional looks and performance with quick and easy methods of construction. We have been able to modify the normal clinker plank shapes for this boat so that they can be stitched...
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  • Highlander 7'6" Mk2 Plans

    Highlander 7'6" Mk2 Plans

    I have now updated one of the first Selway Fisher designs, the Highlander 7'6". The original design was drawn up in the 70's well before computers and boat design software was available - so the design started with a carved half model from which the...
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  • Fliptail-7 Plans PDF

    Fliptail-7 Plans PDF

    Fliptail 7 Assembled - 7'2" (219cm) Long - 40" (102cm) Wide - 16" (40cm) High. Folded - 7'2" (219cm) Long - 24" (60cm) Wide - 10" (25cm) High. Weight - Basic boat from 18 kilos (39lbs) Carrying capacity - Three adults or 225 kilos...
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  • Janus (full plans) Download

    Janus (full plans) Download

    About Woods Downloadable Plans Click HERE for study plans Specifications: Dory shaped ply hulls and decksLENGTH O.A.6.65mLENGTH W.L.6.0m BEAM O.A 3.9mDISPL (empty) 0.4T DISPL (loaded) 0.8T HEADROOM 1.22m DRAFT 0.25 - 0.8mSAIL AREA 20.9sq m Note 6...
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  • 6' Doracle Plans

    6' Doracle Plans

    Designed for a client who wanted a simple stackable fishing dinghy which he could easily carry himself, the Doracle uses just 2 sheets of 4, 5 or 6mm ply. She may be built in 2 pieces with the forward piece stacked inside the aft section. The 2 halves...
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  • 5M Rodcat Beach Catamaran Plans

    5M Rodcat Beach Catamaran Plans

    The Rodcat 5 is a simple beach catamaran with asymmetric hulls. To make construction quick and easy, each hull is built up from a flat inboard side which is laid flat on a workbench. The transom and ply bulkheads are then fitted to this side and the...
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  • Eagle Plans Download

    Eagle Plans Download

    Free Study Plans - Click HERE About Woods Downloadable Plans The Eagle 24 is my first open deck trailable catamaran design for many years. I have delayed drawing a new boat until now because I still believe that the Janus/Strider/Merlin are great...
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  • Acorn Plans Download

    Acorn Plans Download

    Click HERE to download Free Study Plans About Woods Downloadable Plans The Acorn is a 21ft lightweight plywood minimum fast cruiser that has been kicking around for nearly 20 years but only recently have plans been drawn...
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  • 36' Cruising Ketch Plans

    36' Cruising Ketch Plans

    Designed to give as much accommodation as possible on a WL of 28’6’’, this cruiser has both inside and outside steering and up to 7 berths in a comfortable layout. Her ketch rig has all controls led back to the well protected cockpit...
    $236.00 - $270.00
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  • Suremike II Plans PDF

    Suremike II Plans PDF

    "SUREMIKE II" — A military style outboard cruiser, 21' LOA with a beam of 8'. Designed for approximately 50 HP outboard motor, with speeds to 22 knots. Designed for easy building. Roomy bunks, a galley and head make for big boat comfort on extended...
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  • 13'6" Big Kate Open Canoe Plans

    13'6" Big Kate Open Canoe Plans

    The Little Kate has been a very popular design for those wanting a lightweight, easily portaged single canoe. I have been asked to use the lines of the original 27" beam version and extend it by 2' (0.61m) to 13'6". This produces a lightweight canoe,...
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  • 12'6" Northumbrian Coble Plans

    12'6" Northumbrian Coble Plans

    The concept of the Northumbrian 10'6" came from the need to have a sturdy and very seaworthy small working dinghy which could be rowed, sailed and motored easily and which would weigh no more than 70 lbs or so. She also had to have a striking appearance...
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  • 11' Kate Open Canoe Plans

    11' Kate Open Canoe Plans

    Kate is similar in length to Little Kate but has a midship section which approaches that of the Christine (so you could look upon her as a shorter version of Christine). Kate has 5 planks per side.   11' Kate Particulars LOA 11' 3...
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  • 12/14' Hobo Plans

    12/14' Hobo Plans

    A client contacted me with the requirement for a self build or kit club racing dinghy for her daughter as a step up from the Mirror dinghies and which could also be built quickly and cheaply by a youngster. The HOBO 12 is the result. LOA...
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  • SCAMP Rigging Kits

    SCAMP Rigging Kits

    Boom and RUNNING RIGGING plus Hardware 2 10-foot lengths of 3/16" Raid Braid for 1st Reef2 20-foot lengths of 3/16" Raid Braidfor 3rd Reef4 SD-043030 3" cleats for reefing lines1 60-foot length of 3/16" Raid Braid for Topping / Lazy jack system (cut to...
    $67.21 - $326.48
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  • Fleet Plans PDF

    Fleet Plans PDF

    Fleet was designed in response to numerous enquiries I had received about a boat similar to Flint, but which would be suitable for motors of higher power and planing performance. The resulting boat is of similar appearance...
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  • Slipper PDF

    Slipper PDF

    Free plans. To download the file, click HERE “Slipper” is:   Simpler: Because of the building material and relatively few components.   Ditto for: Faster Easier and Cheaper: to Build.   It is...
  • Rudder Hardware for Scamp

    Rudder Hardware for Scamp

    This set is recommended by John Welsford for Scamp. The tangs are 2-1/8 inches wide and the pintles have a sturdy 3/8" pin.This set consists of two gudgeons and two pintles. There is no hold down included. All parts are stainless steel. (note: pintle...
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  • Toucanoe Plans PDF

    Toucanoe Plans PDF

    Length 4795 ( 15´ 8 3/4" ) Beam 767 ( 30 1/4")   Toucanoe is recreational kayak, designed for daytrips with kids and overnight trips with two adults on sheltered waters. Max total load is ca 250kg ( including boats weight ). I would not use...
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  • Crocodude Plans PDF

    Crocodude Plans PDF

    Length-4250mm (13´11",1/4") Beam-620 (24-1/2") Weight-ca. 18 kg (40 lbs) depending on materials   Note: these plans include full size templates which you can print on your computer's printer. If you live in the USA you will want to print...
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  • Pacific Troller Dory Plans PDF

    Pacific Troller Dory Plans PDF

    Note: These plans consist of a booklet of 36 pages of text, drawings and photos on 8.5" x 11" pages. The printed version is black and white. The PDF file for instant download has color photographs. To save $5 and postage costs choose the download...
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  • Grand Cabin Plans PDF

    Grand Cabin Plans PDF

    For printed plans, click HERE Surprise your hunting buddies this fall with two-star accommodations in the woods, where you can all relax after a hard day of hunting, barbecue steaks on the deck, then sleep inside out of the weather. This small portable...
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  • Drifter 12L Free Plans

    Drifter 12L Free Plans

    To download these plans, click HERE The Drifter 12 L is a higher performance version of the Drifter 12, with longer amas, and a taller mast. It can be paddled or sailed with as simple rig using a windsurfing mast. The sail rolls up, and is reefable...
  • TUGGY Plans PDF

    TUGGY Plans PDF

    The idea for The TUGGY came from my good friend Craig Titmus of Australia, for a Portable Mini Tug Boat. It includes an ample beam, good freeboard, generous internal volume, multi-seating, and safety buoyancy. It is sturdy, easy to build, portable...
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  • Poke About Plans PDF

    Poke About Plans PDF

    Poke About specifications (all dimensions are maximum): Length = 76 inches Maximum Width = 31 inches Height = 12 inches Hull Weight = 40 pounds Draft = 5 inches nominal Max Load = 260 pounds (occupant, motor, and battery) Hull Speed = 4...
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  • The Minimalist Plans PDF

    The Minimalist Plans PDF

    The MINIMALIST is a little different, but in a good way. The single peice hull is easy to handle, and weighs only 30 pounds. The 2 important features of the design are it's quick build time, and low cost. The fact that it can support an adult and child...
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  • Vireo Plans PDF

    Vireo Plans PDF

    LIGHT ROWBOAT, 12' X 45", 60 POUNDS EMPTY Vireo is a very light and simple boat with lines that make for very surprising performance. A while back I built a dink called WeeVee which was the usual 7-1/2' long. It had a V bottom full length and had to be...
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  • Picara Plans PDF

    Picara Plans PDF

    CABIN SAILBOAT, 18' X 6", 1300 POUNDS EMPTY A while back I presented a design called Fatcat2 which was a 15' x 6' unballasted sailing cuddy catboat. It is still in the prototype catalog, although one was built a few years ago but never used to...
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  • Normsboat Plans PDF

    Normsboat Plans PDF

    CABIN SAILBOAT, 18' X 5-1/2", 600 POUNDS EMPTY Normsboat was designed for Norm Wolf of Washington D.C. to join a group of trailer traveling shallow water sailors. He wanted the ability to motor and self rescue in a knockdown. Simplicity of...
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  • Hapscut Plans PDF

    Hapscut Plans PDF

    SAILING PRAM, 18' X 6.5', 450 POUNDS EMPTY Hapscut, Sailboat, 18' X 6.5', 450 POUNDS EMPTY In 2010 I was lucky enough to sail the TX200 with Chuck Leinweber in his Caprice. Chuck had me design Laguna just for this event and the Laguna fleet did quite...
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  • Cormorant Plans PDF

    Cormorant Plans PDF

    CORMORANT, CABIN SAILBOAT, 32' X 8', 2500 POUNDS EMPTY Cormorant is the largest boat I've ever designed. I always warn folks to think twice and three times before building a big boat because you can buy a good used glass boat for less, maybe a lot less...
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  • Caroline Plans PDF

    Caroline Plans PDF

    SAILBOAT, 18' X 6', 750 POUNDS EMPTY Caroline started as a blend of Philsboat and Frolic2. The idea was for a little more cabin room than Philsboat and hopefully with the same seakeeping ability that Frolic2 has demonstrated. I made it a...
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  • Swaggie Study Plans PDF

    Swaggie Study Plans PDF

    For Full Printed Plans for Swaggie, click HERE For Full Swaggie Plans in the form of a Digital Download, click HERE Swaggie: (Australian slang) A tramp, or itinerant who carries his bedroll, or "Swag" upon his back. My client loves small craft and has...
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  • Fafnir Printed Plans

    Fafnir Printed Plans

    For Fafnir Study Plan download, click HERE. For Fafnir Plans Digital Download, click HERE Fafnir came about in part because of a customers want for a very small blue water capable yacht in which to attempt a non-stop circumnavigation.  He was...
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