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Martlet 30 Gaff Cutter Plans

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This is a design commissioned by someone who built one of our clinker ply Kane Suffolk Beach Punts and who wanted a safe, comfortable deep water cruising yacht which could also find it's way up relatively shallow creeks. For her length, she is to my mind the ultimate cruising vessel with the capability to cruise distant shores and then to travel up small rivers. The hull is modelled on the Pilot Cutter for it's seaworthiness and easily driven form. She is built using the clinker ply method over a rigid framework of pre-shaped ply bulkheads and girders. She has twin bilge keels so that she can dry out along with a central ballast keel and centreplate for windward ability. Accommodation is comfortable with bunks for up to 6 crew, a large wc and spacious galley plus plenty of locker space. The engine is 35hp and she is able to have large tanks for extended cruising. Both yawl and gaff cutter rigs are shown.

Martlet 30 Gaff Cutter Particulars

LOD 30' 9.15m
Beam 9'6" 2.9m
Draft 3'6"/6'6" 1.09/2m
Sail Area
+ topsail
568 sq.ft
86 sq.ft
52.8 sq.m
8 sq.m
Displacement 6.38 tons 6.48 tonnes
Ballast 2.23 tons 2.27 tonnes
Maximum Headroom 6'7" 2m
Accommodation 5-6 berths with separate shower/wc and U shaped galley plus chart area
Engine 35 hp inboard
Hull Shape Round bilge
Construction Methods Clinker ply over frames/bulkheads or strip plank
Major plywood requirements 4mm x 7 sheets
6mm x 7 sheets
9mm x 17 sheets
12mm x 14 sheets
18mm x 29 sheets
25mm x 5 sheets
Guidance Use Ocean
Drawing/Design Package 20 x A1 drawings (incl. machinery, plumbing, electrics etc) + 10 x A4 instruction/spec sheets
Additions and alterations included with the plans Gaff cutter rig
Moulds etc for strip plank construction

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