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Free plans. To download the file, click HERE

This is a small pram dinghy designed to be built by the same kind of method as my Light Trow - the lower chine and bottom are built using the age-old skiff method of bending sides around a central mould, while the upper chines are added later , in this case using screws and epoxy putty. The screws in this case drive into the frames at the transom bows and stern, and into the stringer/inwale seen in the drawings at the top edge of the lower chine.

How will it perform? I've learned not to count on either until these things are proven, but I hope that with its breadth-to-length it will row well for a two-sheet boat, and that the flattened central rocker will enable it to plane when unladen under tow.

The files in this zip package include a small cartoon in gif form, a gif of the drawings, a dxf of the drawings, and a copy of the .hul file of the hull form, which was created using Gregg Carlson's Chine Hull Developer software. If you have trouble printing them out legibly, take the files - particularly the gif files - to you local print shop for printing out on large paper.

The measurements are all given in inches and tenths of inches. This a breach with standard boatbuilding practice, but should present no difficulties providing you can obtain a ruler with graduations in tenths - these are normal in the UK and I gather engineers and machinists use such rulers in the US. In plotting the coordinates that make the panels, I would advocate squaring off the material in ten-inch squares with the origin in the bottom left-hand corner before using the tenths-graduated ruler to plot the coordinates.

NB This is an experimental drawing created by an untrained amateur. The author takes no responsibility for the performance of any boat built to these drawings, and does not accept liability for any loss or accident that may occur to persons or to property during the course of construction or in use.

All drawings copyright Gavin Atkin, Tunbridge Wells, United Kingdom


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