14' Fitzroy Club Racing Dinghy Plans

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This is my first ever design resurrected—I designed her as a school kid in 1969 and built her in the garage during 1970. In those days home computers did not exist and so she was built ply over frame.

Having remodeled the lines I have redeveloped her for stitch and tape construction and incorporated much of what I have learnt in the last 40 years as a yacht designer. Like the Stornoway designs, she now has a narrow flat bottom panel which is set up with the ply fore and aft girder which incorporates the centreboard case. The ply frames are then slotted onto this backbone followed by the hull panels.

The original was fast and highly maneuverable —this new version will be even better. Our house was in Fitzroy Crescent, Woodley, hence the name.

14' Fitzroy Club Racing Dinghy Particulars

LOA 14' 4.427m
Beam 5'1" 1.57m
Hull Mid Depth 1'4" 0.41m
Draft 5"/3'8" 0.12/1.1m
Sail Area 117 sq.ft 10.9 sq.m.
Approx. Dry Weight 185lbs 84kg
Hull Shape V bottom with 1 main chine
Construction Method Stitch and tape
Plywood Requirements 10 sheets of 6mm
Guidance Use 2-3 adults sailing
Drawing/Design Package 5 x A1 drawings + 7 x A4 instruction sheets

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