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This is a joint project between Joost Engelen and myself for a 50/50 Sail/Paddle Sailing Canoe.

Joost who sails his GIS and Viola Canoe in RAID events noticed that at events like this, (paddling allowed) that many people used an open canoe with a medium size sail and leeboard. Boats that paddle well but have a simple but efficient sailing rig.

Paddle for one or two to cover real ground. Close to the speed of a purpose built touring canoe.

Suitable for recreational use with more stability than the usual paddling canoe

Paddle and sail simultaneously for RAID and other distance events.

Sail fast for one adult or two light adults – much much better than a normal converted paddling canoe. Much more stability. Much more speed

Still sail and paddle OK for two heavy adults (up to 400lb payload).

Optional buoyancy arrangement to reduce the water in the boat compared to canoes with end buoyancy or to builder’s configuration.


Versatility is the key word for this new Kombi canoe: The hull shape is asymmetrical with a fine entry and flatter sections aft which should allow for solid recreational paddling for 2 and very decent sailing performance for 1. Sailing wise we are talking sit-on-gunwale rather than sitting-in for performance, but the sail is reefable for more relaxed sailing

This boat should provide a lot of fun for the family (waterside camping trips!) however may also be used for (extended) trips solo in protected areas.

Length 4.74m (15’ 10”)

Beam 0.86m (34”)

Estimated Hullweight 4mm Gaboon Ply 2oz glass - 21kg (45lb)

5mm Gaboon Ply glass tape – 25kg (55lb)

Hull depth as on an average 2-person paddling canoe.

Sail area 5sq metres (54 square feet) with 2 reefs. Other sails are possible but longer boom lengths will result in weather helm

Loading The designed maximum load of 400lbs (180kg) in people and gear is 400 lbs in people and gear. Fast sailing becomes possible singlehanded or with two light adults. The hull is 5 panel stitch and glue as on the Eureka and Viola designs and has a small transom to make it easier to fit the rudder gudgeons.

Add a note that there will be updates to the plans over the next weeks as the prototype builds plan buyers and interested parties should follow the two builds on my facebook group and updates that may be important for plan holders.

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Also there is a detailed building album of Joost's prototype in the Netherlands.


An alternative buoyancy arrangement EPS covered with softer foam.




John Owens at J O Woodworks now has the kit for Michael Storer's new model the Kombi available.  Contact him at for more info.

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