Indian Creek Motor Canoe Printed Plans

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This boat rows great, btw, and you should include her as a rowboat, as well. She's our go-to boat for family excursions these days, as even the smallest of electric trolling motors pushes her around easily. Much easier than rowing my wife, child and two dogs all at once! Good stability, too, with enough freeboard to feel secure and to make the dogs think twice about randomly abandoning ship. There is flotation for and aft, under the decks, and also under the main thwart.

The sprawling space amidships has enough room for sleeping, but an extra thwart can be added if desired. The little deck in the bow is solely there so our very short dog can put his front paws up to see over the rail.

At about 60lbs / 28kgs she is easy to haul around on shore, and car-topping is undemanding, even for a solo user {Just lift one end at a time - the broad stern keeps her from trying to roll over while the bow is being placed on the rack}.

2HP max gas outboard. I have no reports of how he handles under power, but hope to before very long.

All in all, I am very pleased with how she has turned out. For fishing, family outings and even expeditions, she will make a fast and very versatile craft for almost anyone.

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