Ilur Classic

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16' 7'' / 4.44 m
Printed plans shipped and PDF plans emailed by Francois Vivier
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The most popular sail and oar boat

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Hull length / waterline 4.44/ 4.10 m Sail area 12.2 m²
Breadth / waterline 1.70 / 1.46 m Outboard motor 4 hp
Draught 0.25 / 0.86 m Design category / Crew C3 / D5
Light weight clin / lattes 300 / 345 kg Building time with kit 500 hours

Attention: there is two Ilur plans, the historic Ilur, now named “classic” Ilur, and a new “clinker-kit” Ilur which take profit of numerically cutting to make the construction easier.

Drawing    See photo albums    Go to “clinker-kit” Ilur

Ilur was designed after Aber, in order to get a larger boat, able to family day sailing. She can be used for fishing and even coastal cruising. Three Ilur have been to Ile of Sein, at the extreme West of France, one of the worst place to go with tremendous tides and the worst sea conditions. However, do not consider this as an invitation to go there! The length was increased by 20 cm only, but Ilur is mostly wider and higher, with a generous freeboard. This makes a very different boat, with good seakeeping ability, but still in the “sail and oar” spirit. Its superior quality makes Ilur my best-seller plan (with nearly one thousand copies sold). It has been built in many places, from the very heart of Alps, to Pacific islands!

If you have to choose the best boat for your intended use, just notice than Ilur is not as an easygoing rowing boat compared to others of my sail and oar designs. She is mainly intended for sailing, oars being used when the wind is falling or to reach some narrow inlets. However, the clinker version is lighter and rows well.
The dagger-board was initially preferred in order to give room for the crew. It is now replaced by a pivoting centreboard and a low centreboard case which is not at all cumbersome. Many other improvements are continuously brought. As an example oars may be stowed under the floorboard, leaving a free cockpit when sailing.

Ilur was designed at first with the simple lug sail in the Breton style (said “misainier” rig). A lug sloop rig is now proposed and is a valuable option. A balanced lug rig (lug sail with boom) is an other option, interesting for river or single-handed sailing. More recently, I have added a very attractive lug yawl rig.

Construction is either strip planked or plywood clinker. In both cases, laminated or steam bent frames give a very traditional and beautiful looking. However, very detailed plans and instruction booklet allow construction by any home builder. Full-size patterns may be purchased in addition to the building plan to make construction easier.

Blogs to visit:

An Ilur has been built in Ireland by Tim Cooke.
Blog of Esger and Vincent van der Post about the building of a clinker Ilur, with many details.
Website of Lukasz Kumanowski who is building an Ilur in Sweden.

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Additional Information

Designer Name:
Francois Vivier Architecte Naval
Sail area (Imperial / Metric):
131 ft² / 12.2 m²
Rig Type:
Keel Type:
Length (range):
16' - 23'11" / 4.88m - 7.29m
16' 7'' / 4.44 m
Length at Waterline:
13' 5'' / 4.1 m
5' 7'' / 1.7 m
Hull Weight:
200 - 999 lbs / 90.72 - 453.14kg
Estimated Hull Weight:
700 lb / 320 kg
12" - 35" / 30.48 - 91.23cm
Unloaded Draft:
2' 10'' / 0.86 m
Weight Capacity:
880 pd / 400 kg
Primary Material:
Solid Wood
Method of Construction:
Strip Planked, Plywood Lapstrake
Hull Type:
Hull Shape:
Round bottom
Power Source:
Human, Wind
Built-in Floatation:
Unit of Measure:
Instruction Manual:
Step-by-Step Instructions
Lofting Required:
Recommended Experience Level:
Designer's Thoughts on Experience Level:
Classic look, designed for home builders
Boat Type:
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