Gozzo 400 Plans

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Lenght 4.0m
Designer: Paolo Lodigiani and Matteo Costa
Round hull, strip-planking construction
Building Skills: Average

Four meters seems the minimum size for a "gozzo", the traditional Italian small fishing boat. This dimension allows to maintain all the advantages connected to this type of boat and it means not just making a miniature version of it. That is why it represents the smallest dimension to be admitted in an organized regatta, according to the rules laid out by the well-known Vela Latina Association, which has done a lot with its popular manifestations to attract the attention of the public on these small traditional boats, thus giving new life to types of boats which seemed doomed towards decline. The reduced dimension offers a few considerable advantages: handiness, lightness and, consequently, easy haulage onto the beach as well as transport, fast construction time, little power required by a motor.

To fully exploit all these advantages, we have given up traditional construction systems by choosing fast, light strip planking construction. A small inconvenience with this sort of solution is that the regulations of the Vela Latina Association does not accept - rightly so according to us - boats which have not been built according to classical standards of construction, i. e. entirely made of solid wood. According to regulations the use of plywood is allowed exceptionally for building hatches, partition bulkheads and if necessary, deckhouses. We have limited as much as possible the use of plywood, to maintain a traditional look, but our contribution towards classical systems stops right here. Anyone who wishes to do so, may obviously utilize the hull lines to adapt them to traditional constructions, but must be aware that he will obtain a heavier, less rigid boat that requires maintenance and above all, from the construction point of view, not suitable for anyone who is not a shipwright. We advise our clients to build our GOZZO rather than face the construction (most likely with poor results) of a more classical type.

hull's length 4.0m
length OA 5.3m
deck beam 1.47
draught 0.21m
sail area 11.56 m2
displacement 90kg
(without engine and sails)

10 sheets A3
and material list

sail plan LATEEN RIG (marconi sloop rig is an alternative)
construction method STRIP PLANKING
skills requested AVERAGE

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