Fulmar 34'

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The Fulmar 34' is a larger sister to the original Fulmar 26'3" heavy displacement centre cockpit cruising yacht. Construction is ply over frame and utilizes ply fore and aft girders and ply bulkheads erected onto a strong-back before chine stringers and hog (inner keel) are fitted. The plans show details for simple multi-chine planking or clinker planking. Construction is kept simple with a long ballast keel made up from a simple steel box filled with scrap lead.

 The accommodation has berths for six with 2 in a double berth in the forecastle and another 2 in the saloon/dinette plus 2 single cabins aft.

 Aft of the large saloon is a generous galley space and wc/shower compartment. The cockpit is large and has a lot of space below for tanks and storage. Aft of the cockpit are two separate single berth cabins. Right aft are compartments for 2 outboard engines.

 The plans also show the installation details for an inboard diesel engine under the central cockpit in which case the outbaord spaces would be come large deck lockers or the 2 single cabins could be extended aft into a large aft state room.
 The keel arrangement is a long shallow central ballast keel with plate bilge keels. 

Fulmar 34' Particulars

LOD 33'8" 10.26m
Beam 11'1" 3.36m
Draft 3'3" 0.99m
Sail Area 523 sq.ft 48.67 sq.m
Displacement 6.89 tons 7.00 tonnes
Ballast 2.50 tons 2.54 tonnes
Maximum Headroom 6'4" 1.94m
Accommodation 6 bunks - 2 doubles and 2 singles in separate cabins, large galley, dinette/saloon and wc/shower. large tank spaces.
Engine 2 x 20hp outboards or a 35hp inboard diesel

Hull Shape

U shape with 5 planks per side
Construction Methods Ply over frame with clinker topsides
Major plywood requirements 6mm x 18 sheets
9mm x 64 sheets
12mm x 25 sheets
18mm x 6 sheets
Guidance Use Offshore
Drawing/Design Package 15 x A1 drawings (see below) + 8 x A4 instruction/spec sheets
Additions and alterations included with the plans Alternative inboard engine installation

Drawings and details included in the full design package (this is new information given about a particular design and I hope to include this for all the designs eventually- but the plans listed below are typical for many of my larger designs. All are A1 in size.

Drg. 01 Hull Construction Drawing - 1
Drg. 02 Hull Construction Drawing - 2
Drg. 03 Hull Construction Drawing - 3
Drg. 04 Building Jig
Drg. 05 Deck Construction
Drg. 06 Deck Construction Details
Drg. 07 Ballast and Bilge Keel Details
Drg. 08 Rudder Arrangement and Steering Gear and Outboard Installation.
Drg. 09 General Arrangement & Fit-Out - 1
Drg. 10 General Arrangement & Fit-Out - 2
Drg. 11 Inboard Engine Installation
Drg. 12 Electrics, Plumbing and Bilge Plumbing Systems
Drg. 13 Sail Plan
Drg. 14 Spar Plan
Drg. 15 Deck Plan
  Building Specification & Key to the Plans
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