Fisher Swampscott 12' Plans

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This is the first of a new line of dinghies and dories which combine traditional looks and performance with quick and easy methods of construction. We have been able to modify the normal clinker plank shapes for this boat so that they can be stitched together and finished with epoxy/tape seams. This produces a design that can be made without any building moulds and which has frames in it’s construction.
The first Fisher Swampscott 12, with a length of 12’ and beam of 4’2’’ and narrow tombstone transom and with 9mm bottom and 6mm planks (lightweight Gaboon ply), with 6mm ply for the seats etc, came out at just 66 lbs. in weight and took only 30 hours to build (including all marking out). She took just 2 sheets of 9mm and 2 sheets of 6mm exterior or marine ply plus a few lengths of Douglas Fir. Because of her light weight, she was easily car topped and her simple sprit rig made he ideal for family sailing. Other rigs can be supplied. Details are also given for a slightly wider beam version with a wider transom.


Fisher Swampscott 12' Particulars

LOA 12' 3.66m
Beam 4'2" 1.27m
Hull Mid Depth 1' 7 3/4" 0.5m
Draft 7"/2' 11 1/2" 0.18/0.9m
Sail Area 62.8 sq.ft 5.84 sq.m
Approx. Dry Weight (rowing tombstone transom version) 66lbs (lightweight ply) 30kgs.
Hull Shape Narrow flat bottom plus 4 planks per side - plans give both narrow and wide transom hulls
Construction Method Stitch and tape and clinker ply
Major plywood requirements for hull 2 sheets of 6mm and 2 sheets of 9mm plywood
Guidance Use 2 adults
Drawing/Design Package 4 x A1 drawings + 12 x A4 instruction sheets which include lug sail and sprit with jib alternative sail plans and moulds for clinker ply construction
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