Dilys 25' 8" Catboat Plans

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Dilys is a Welsh name and means “perfect, true and reliable” which is just right for this sturdy little ship—it also happens to be my wife’s name and the meaning certainly fits her too! This is a 4 plank per side ply on frame version of the well known North American Catboat—boats with a generous beam giving enormous stability and vast room inside for their length.

She has the standard layout for a catboat of this length of just 2 berths with comfortably sized wc compartment and galley and very large cockpit. She could of course, with some redesign, take 4 berths. Maximum headroom as drawn is 6’ (1.83m). The drawings give details for both an inboard diesel engine installation and an alternative outboard well.

Many had a centreboard rather than a fixed keel and she could also be adapted to take this arrangement. Construction is based on a modern pre-shaped egg-box type plywood framework of frames/bulkheads slotted together with fore and aft girders.

Dilys 25'8" Catboat Particulars

LOD 25'8" 7.82m
Beam 12' 3.65m
Draft 4'2" 1.27m
Sail Area 515 sq.ft 47.88 sq.m
Displacement 5.60 tons 5.69 tonnes
Ballast 1.82 tons 1.85 tonnes
Maximum Headroom 6' 1.83m
Accommodation 2 berths with separate wc and L shaped galley plus chart area
Engine 25-35 hp inboard  
Hull Shape Round bilge (multi-chine)
Construction Methods Multi-chine ply over frames/bulkheads
Major plywood requirements 4mm x 13 sheets
9mm x 46 sheets
12mm x 20 sheets
15mm x 3 sheets
18mm x 1 sheets
Guidance Use Coastal/cross channel
Drawing/Design Package 13 x A1 drawings + 7 x A4 instruction/spec sheets
Additions and alterations included with the plans  
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