2 X 88 Digital Sail Numbers

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Polyester “Digital” adhesive sail numbers 12” high in black.

If demand is sufficient we will provide numbers in white for Tanbark Sails and other sizes.

One standard set will do sail numbers from 01, 02, 03 through to 99. A second set will do sail numbers from 0001, 0002, 0003 to 9999

They are for classes of boats that use hull or sail numbers so the number can be displayed on the sail. Like a Digital Display, removing segments allows the displaying of digits 0 to 9.

The numbers are usually placed about halfway up the sail and typically towards the back edge. The numbers on the Starboard side are placed higher than the ones on the port side to make sure both are legible with light behind the sail.

There are downloadable instructions below for the neat trick involved for placing the numbers in one pieceon the sail without creasing or messing up the spacing.

HERE is a link to download instructions for applying the numbers.

Notes on Fitting Sail Numbers.


The Class Insignia goes in the top Third of the sail. The Insignia on the Starboard side is traditionally higher than that on port. Unless the insignia is exactly reversible.

Sail numbers are below the insignia in contrasting colour to the sail (we will be adding white for tanbark sails next shipment). The numbers on the Starboard side of the sail are higher than the ones on port with no overlap.

If using a single digit number it is typical to use a zero in front of it. 01, 02, 03 etc


Tips and Tricks for Attaching sail numbers

(It is not difficult and easier than you think)

  1. Make sure sail is clean and dry.

    Lay the area you are working on as flat as possible and it is on a reasonably firm surface


  2. Work out where you want the insignias and sail numbers. Avoid sail seams if possible.

    Draw a guide line in pencil on the sail or line up with a sail seam.

  3. Now the cool tip …
    The numbers are already the right distance apart for legibility. So we want to transfer them as a block.

    So trick is to hold everything together by putting (clear is best) packaging tape directly over the numbers while they are still on the backing paper. Follow the number lines and do a couple of diagonals as well to hold the angles immobile.


    Note that the digit 1 will take some extra consideration. To assist in lining it up draw a line on the packaging tape aligned with the bottom of all the digits. This is also a good method if needing three or four digit numbers.

  4. Slowly peel back the packaging tape from one corner as one piece. Work slowly and peel in a diagonal direction.

    What will happen is that as the packaging tape lifts off .. the number segment you want to transfer may stay put on the backing paper. If this happens push the tape down and press down hard on the first part of the number segment that the tape is trying to lift.

    Segments you don’t want are often left behind by the packaging tape. But if segments you don’t want get lifted by the packaging tape they can be removed after they go on the sail.

  5. Make sure the sail iis not wrinkled. In the working area.

    Once you have all the segments you want lifted by the packaging tape, line the edges of the numbers up with the pencil line you drew. And press that area down only. Then progressively work towards the other side of the numbers trying to get the tape and numbers down smoothly push it down with medium force. Small wrinkles are easy to fix in the next step.

  6. Peel back the packaging tape from one corner. This time if a number segment you want on the sail lift … push down the packaging tape again and use more force to hold the segment corner down … before progressing across the numbers peeling back the packaging tape.

  7. The numbers will probably have some small creases. Don’t be tempted just to flatten them, but lift up a corner of the segment and peel it back until the wrinkle is pulled out and then push the segment down smoothly.



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