Scout 10 Sailing Package

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$399.00 - $899.00


The full sailing package contains:


QUANTITY                                          ITEM DESCRIPTION SKU
5 Sheet Block Via 10.50
1 Double block for Downhaul Via 8.05
1 Triple block for Downhaul Via 8.11
6 Blue sphere bead for shackles/stoppers HG-BEAD-BL-SP
2 Reef Hooks RF 48A
1 Rope Glide Ring, masthead halyard lead RF 8090-08


QUANTITY                                           ITEM DESCRIPTION SKU
1 2 Piece Carbon Fiber Mast CH-CARBONMAST-SCOUT
1 Masthead Cap NA
1 Neil Pryde 54 Sq. Ft. Battened Sail - White or Tanbark SCA-SCOUT-SAIL2
1 10"L Carbon Mast Partner Tube NA
12' 4mm Marlow Excel for Downhaul MARLOW-XL-4MM
28' 1/4" Raid Braid for Mainsheet DWX-RAIDBRAID
30' 1/8" Amsteel for Halyard and Soft Shackeles SAM-AMSTEEL-1/8

Sail available in White or Tanbark color shown below.


A boomless, full-battened, unstayed rig that is simple and safe.

This 58 sq ft Scout stock rig offers sparkling performance. The full-battens take a beautiful wing shape and there is a lot of sail area up high, but in gusts the top batten and mast allow the head to crack-off slightly reducing heel and making the boat and rig more managable. Best of all, you'd have to move slow to take more than 3 minutes setup the entire rig.

To see our unique boomless sheeting system watch the video of our rigging the Portage Pram with similar rig.



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