Open Sailboats 14' up

  • Myst Plans Instant Download

    Myst Plans Instant Download

    for printed plans - click HEREdownload free study plans HERE MYST: Building plans consist of 27 pages of written text and 11 sheets of computer-generated drawings, including full-size patterns for all major structural components (moulds,...

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  • 24' New Bedford Whaler Plans

    24' New Bedford Whaler Plans

    The New Bedford Whalers were renowned for their ruggedness and sea-kindly manner. Typically they were 28' or 30' long. I was asked to draw up the lines for a shorter version for a film company and decided to use this design work as the basis of a full...

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  • Ebihen 16 - Strip Planked

    Ebihen 16 - Strip Planked

    Traditional sail boat, 4.8 m long, with outboard motor well, strip planked over laminated frames For Ebihen Study Plans click HERE Hull length / waterline 4.80/4.54 m   Sail area 15.5 m²   Breadth / waterline 1.85 / 1.64...

    $238.00 - $343.00
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  • Presto 16 Plans PDF

    Presto 16 Plans PDF

    This is a boat for the person who would rather spend time on the water than in the shop. All joints are first attached with copper wire for positioning and then taped with fiberglass cloth tape and epoxy for the structural connection. The components...

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  • Pacific Pelican Plans PDF

    Pacific Pelican Plans PDF

    If you prefer printed plans for Pacific Pelican, click HERE In lieu of study plans we have this Pelican Sailboat Article Compilation Much loved by those who have come to appreciate the logic behind the design The Pacific Pelican is a special creation,...

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  • Pilgrim Printed Plans

    Pilgrim Printed Plans

    For Pilgrim Study Plan instant download, click HERE For Pilgrim Full Plan digital download, click HERE In my teenage years I sailed an 18 ft gaff rigged centreboard yacht around the Hauraki Gulf near my home just north of Auckland New Zealand. This is a...

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  • 20' Strip Planked Kite Plans

    20' Strip Planked Kite Plans

    The Kite was conceived as a fast and seaworthy dayboat capable of taking a family comfortably on extended coastal camping treks or to provide them with some exciting day-sailing in estuary waters. In designing the hull, we have kept in mind a multi-role...

    $27.00 - $297.00
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  • 19' Sailing Dory Plans PDF

    19' Sailing Dory Plans PDF

    Note: These plans consist of 4 large drawings. The instant download is a single PDF file which produces 4, 24" x 18" pages, These files can be taken to a Kinkos, Office Max or any commercial printer to have prints made as a modest cost. To save $25 and...

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  • 50/50 Sailing Canoe Plans

    50/50 Sailing Canoe Plans

    A 50/50 canoe is a boat which has been designed and built with the intention that it should be as easily and efficiently powered by sail as it is by paddle (in this case a double paddle). This means that the rig needs to be both efficient and easy to...

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  • Thalas 16 Plans

    Thalas 16 Plans

    The length of the American Whitehall of the 19th century was between 13' and 23'. The 16' was the most typical length and the boats were built for 2 or 3 rowers. As with the THALAS 13', also in this case the classical boat has been re-elaborated to make...

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  • 16' Islay Skiff Plans

    16' Islay Skiff Plans

    The Islay is a recent development of our Iona design for a client who required a graceful boat with more beam and a little more sheer. He also wanted a traditional cutter rig with a jaunty looking bowsprit. Construction can either be by the strip...

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  • 21' Solway Whaler Plans

    21' Solway Whaler Plans

    A lightweight rowing whaler for easy construction. The hull has 4 panels per side plus a narrow flat bottom panel and the hull is symetrical about amidships to make construction even easier.The hull can be made in 2 halves and bolted together in the...

    $27.00 - $162.00
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  • Safe Harbor 12 Strip Planked Daysailer Plans

    Safe Harbor 12 Strip Planked Daysailer Plans

    Based on the Dark Harbor 12 designed by B.B. Crowninshield in the early part of the 20th Century, this design has an updated underwater shape and construction method.   She is very much a mini J class. With a 12' waterline and overall length of over...

    $27.00 - $338.00
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  • Swiftsure Printed Plans

    Swiftsure Printed Plans

    Click HERE for a Digital Download of Swiftsure Plans Both Stuart Reid and I have a strong interest in the traditional, and this sailable miniature along the lines of an 18th century Royal Navy Stoop based upon a plywood hull is a real treasure for...

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  • Gozzo 520 Plans

    Gozzo 520 Plans

    Length 5.2mDesigner: Paolo Lodigiani and Matteo CostaRound hull, strip-planking constructionBuilding Skills: medium This small "gozzo" is the most traditional among the three: built as an open boat and without competitive goals in mind, it represents the...

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  • Laguna Plans PDF

    Laguna Plans PDF

    DOWN IN TEXAS....They started a "cruise", not really a race, 200 miles up the protected waters of the intercoastal waterway. They say the wind blows strong and from such a direction that you reach or run the whole way and usually in smooth water. The...

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  • 16' Dutch Punter Plans

    16' Dutch Punter Plans

    The traditional Punter is a small Dutch work boat with a simple single chine and flat bottomed hull and an upper strake which is shaped to give tumblehome. Her sprit rig is very practical allowing the sail to be brailed up against the mast when not in...

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  • Skylark 12' Plans

    Skylark 12' Plans

    The Skylark 12 is capable of having a small cuddy fitted forward for protection and shelter or simple dry storage of gear. Side benches can be fitted with storage or buoyancy under and the whole boat is big enough to be fitted out to your own...

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  • Beg-Meil


    Traditional gaff rigged day-boat For a Beg-Meil study plan instant download, click HERE Hull length / waterline 4.46 / 4.06 m   Sail area 14.3 m²   Breadth / waterline 1.68 / 1.46 m   Outboard motor 4...

    $158.00 - $277.00
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  • Mikesboat Plans PDF

    Mikesboat Plans PDF

    Mikesboat is a big Piccup Pram. It is slightly narrower in proportion. The idea was to have something like Piccup that was large enough to take the family so she has two bench seats 8' long. It should be a good expedition solo boat with a boom tent...

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  • Navigator Printed Plans

    Navigator Printed Plans

    For study plans click HERE For full digital plans to download, click HERE Navigator has turned out to be the surprise package of the whole bunch, 300 plus sets of plans in today's market is a lot! Navigator was designed for Boat Books Auckland's...

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  • Daysailer 24 Plans

    Daysailer 24 Plans

    Lenght 7.31m Designer: Paolo Lodigiani and Matteo Costa Round hull, Strip-Planking construction Building Skills: medium For study plans click HERE LOA: 7.313 mbeam: 1.938 mDisp: 1300 kgsail area:Mainsail 18.00 m2jib 9.00 m2 . Hull ROUNDrigs: Marconi...

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  • 16' Petite Brise Plans

    16' Petite Brise Plans

    The 12’4’’ Petite Brise has proven to be very popular and we have had several requests for a longer version, so we have gone for a hull length of 16’ and increased the beam to 5’9’’. Like her smaller sister, we...

    $27.00 - $203.00
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  • Paloma Sail Plans

    Paloma Sail Plans

    The PALOMA, in its various versions, derives from a fruitful collaboration with our clients and, perhaps, also for this reason, it seems to have met the favour of the public. It all started from the request of a client who wanted an inboard motor boat,...

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  • 18'4" Tosher

    18'4" Tosher

    Apparently, "Toshing" was the taking of copper from laid-up warships. We have used the Mevagissey Tosher as the model for this boat. They were renowned for their speed and sea keeping qualities and apart from removing copper they were also used for...

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  • 18' Bungay Broads Dayboat

    18' Bungay Broads Dayboat

    This design is based upon the traditional daysailers and small yachts that can be hired on the Norfolk Broads. Construction is Cedar strip planking over computer faired moulds/jig. The mast is stepped in a tabernacle for easy raising/lowering and she can...

    $27.00 - $338.00
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  • 27' Northumbrian Coble

    27' Northumbrian Coble

    Most East Coast Cobles were of clinker (lapstrake) construction but a few were carvel and the 27’ Northumbrian Coble emulates one of these by using modern strip planked construction. I have not attempted to ‘modernize’ the concept too much and so...

    $27.00 - $371.00
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  • Nootka Sound Plans PDF

    Nootka Sound Plans PDF

    Nootka Sound is a Camping Cruiser. It was an original design for Bob Young of Lake Oswego, Oregon, but generally similar to several earlier designs. Among the requirements were: Light weight for good trailerability with normal family cars; shoal draft;...

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  • JC10 Plans

    JC10 Plans

    The JayCee was conceived with Tyrone Boats as a trainer for the International Canoe. The idea was to produce a craft which was based upon low cost, easy building techniques and which would be an introduction into the world of IC sailing. With all this...

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  • Drake 18' Sharpie Plans

    Drake 18' Sharpie Plans

    A very simple 18’x 5’2’’ ply sharpie drawn with a simple unstayed sprit boom rig and a ply centreboard. Ideal for estuary cruising and an excellent ‘big’ boat for first time construction. In it’s basic form 10 sheets of 3/8’’ ply and 1...

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  • 16' Casco Bay Canoe Yawl Plans

    16' Casco Bay Canoe Yawl Plans

    The Casco Bay 16 was designed for Maurice Byrne of the Boatyard Upstairs for a Swiss client who wanted a fast, easily handled canoe yawl for use on his home lakes. We have developed an efficient and stable hull form with slight influence from the Casco...

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  • Alaska Plans Instant Download

    Alaska Plans Instant Download

    for printed plans - click HEREdownload free study plans HERE ALASKA: Alaska is modeled on the working Whitehall skiffs that were commonly used in the 19th and early 20th centuries to carry people and goods about the great harbours of the...

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  • Periwinkle Plans PDF

    Periwinkle Plans PDF

    A few years ago my wife asked me to name my favourite boat. If I had thought about the question at all, it would have been almost impossible to answer, because there are so many designs which have appealed to me over the years. But on that occasion I...

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  • 16' Padilla Bay Plans PDF

    16' Padilla Bay Plans PDF

    This hull came about from a series of E-mails between Chuck and myself. A DWM reader had asked Chuck if I had worked up a “longer” version of the Padilla Bay that I had mentioned in one of my videos. I couldn't...

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  • Deansbox Plans

    Deansbox Plans

    Deansbox was designed for Dean McClure down in Key West. Dean had an interesting background in boats including a Dovekie and a Chapelle sharpie (junk rigged, to boot). He was looking for a daysailing boat for his shallow area, small enough for easy...

  • 15' Medway Doble Plans

    15' Medway Doble Plans

    We were asked by a Portuguese client to stretch our standard Medway Doble to produce an easily rowed craft which could be carried under the bridge deck of a large cruising catamaran and used both as a tender and as a lifeboat. This version has the same...

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  • Mayfly 16 Plans PDF

    Mayfly 16 Plans PDF

    Mayfly16 is large enough to swallow up three men or maybe a family with two kids. She has two benches that are 7' long and there should be plenty of room for all. I would say that her fully loaded maximum weight might be 900 pounds and her empty weight...

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  • Frigate's Boat Plans

    Frigate's Boat Plans

    A 23’3” Ship’s Boat for Mr. Ian Bloomfield - this is a strip planked version of a 17th/18th Century Frigate’s Boat - she is modelled on the bluff bowed craft used for general work in the Fleet and will have a carronade with it's...

    $27.00 - $371.00
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  • Flint Plans PDF

    Flint Plans PDF

    14ft 9-3/4in x 4ft 3-1/4in x 6in Flint was designed to meet the requirements of an experienced boatman who lived on an island several miles from the mainland. The boat had to row in a spirited fashion, and be able to cover long distances under the urge...

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  • Kari 2 Faering Plans

    Kari 2 Faering Plans

    We were asked to develop the plank shapes for a replica of a 4 oared Faering from some lines that had been taken off the boat some while back. The client was the husband of the Great Granddaughter of the owner who had the original built in 1892 for the...

    $27.00 - $162.00
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  • Stornoway 14 Plans

    Stornoway 14 Plans

    At last we have added a 14' version of our Stornoway design to our range of Dinghies & Dayboats - she has been much requested and we have taken the opportunity to base her construction on the highly successful Kingfisher design with its continuous...

    $27.00 - $113.00
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  • Pathfinder Printed Plans

    Pathfinder Printed Plans

    For study plan instant download - click HERE For an instant download (PDF) of the full plans for Pathfinder, click HERE For cabin supplement instant download - click HERE There has been a lot of enquiry for a "bigger Navigator"...

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  • 18' Cruising Sloop Plans PDF

    18' Cruising Sloop Plans PDF

    For printed plans, click HERE ideal for camp cruising and family recreation This is a simple compact little boat ideal for camp cruising and family recreation. The moderate V-bottom hull draws 9" with the board up, allowing access to miles of shallows...

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  • 18'7" Snipa Sprit Sailing Fishing Boat

    18'7" Snipa Sprit Sailing Fishing Boat

    Snipa's (pronounced Sneepa) are traditional clinker Nordic Fishing boats with a reputation for excellent sea keeping qualities and stability. Construction is fairly traditional but uses ply for the clinker planking over laminated frames. Below the...

    $27.00 - $304.00
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  • Woodland 15 Open Sailing Canoe Plans

    Woodland 15 Open Sailing Canoe Plans

    This is a clinker/ply open canoe with graceful lines. We have given the hull shape a fairly fine entry so that she glides on the water and also a good waterline beam to allow her to carry a substantial rig for open canoe racing. She has 5 planks per...

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  • 15' Northumbrian Coble Plans

    15' Northumbrian Coble Plans

    At long last here is a larger addition to our Northumbrian Coble range—at 15’ LOD, she is a big handsome dayboat with space to accommodate the family plus camping gear and stores. The drawings give details for an outboard well and copious...

    $27.00 - $203.00
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  • Lissa Plans

    Lissa Plans

    A while back, I met Tom Setum at the Scuzbums Giant Five Day Messabout in San Diego. Tom is the son-in-law of Joe Dobler. Joe is gone now, but was a pioneer of the stitch and glue technique of boat construction. He made his living as an engineer but his...

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  • First Mate Plans PDF

    First Mate Plans PDF

    First Mate has the same rigs and layout as the very successful Phoenix III, but uses an easy-to-build stitch-and-glue hull. Primary dimensions are 15ft x 5ft x 5-1/2inches. Three rig options are included in the plans 65 page colour-illustrated...

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  • 16' Pipit Hampton Flattie Plans

    16' Pipit Hampton Flattie Plans

    The Pipit has been modeled on the old Hampton type "Flattie" which has a flat bottom over most of it's length running into a moderate "V" aft towards the transom. The bottom also has a reasonable amount of rocker fore and aft and this combination with...

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  • 16' Fisher Swampscott Plans

    16' Fisher Swampscott Plans

    We have had many requests for a longer version of our Fisher Swampscott 12 dinghy/dory, so here she is. At 16’ we have designed her to be considerably heavier than her smaller sister, although she could, if the builder wishes, be constructed in the...

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