• ECO 7.5 Plans

    ECO 7.5 Plans

    After many requests for a bigger ECOnomy cruiser here she is. For dimensions see the specifications. The layout speaks for it self. This boat is a perfect boat for the whole family. It is designed for extended coastal cruising. Construction and design:...
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  • Sardine Twin 5.5 Full Plans

    Sardine Twin 5.5 Full Plans

    A bridgedeck coastal cruising catamaran For Sardine Twin Study Plans, click HERE Sardine twin has been designed from the hull lines of the central hull of the Trimaran Sardine Run. She is built in France by Sardineboats, and plans can be ordered alone...
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  • Tricky Five Plans

    Tricky Five Plans

    The TRICKY FIVE has been conceived for a precise scope: to realize a boat, which in relation to its size would maximize the ratio between speed and cost. This means that for a determined cost for materials and hours of construction required, it would...
    $16.00 - $145.00
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  • Cat 40 Plans

    Cat 40 Plans

    The CAT 40 is a comfortable cruising catamaran using the latest thoughts on wide bodied hulls enabling much more accommodation than usual on a catamaran of this length. The standard arrangement has 8 dedicated berths (including 3 doubles) with the...
    $41.00 - $540.00
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  • 24' Tikopian Canoe Plans

    24' Tikopian Canoe Plans

    The Tikopian 24 is based on the 18' Waka Ama and uses the same stitch and tape plywood construction process. She has 4 seats plus stowage compartments in the ends of the canoe but can be fitted out in various ways - ie. with more seats and storage. The...
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  • Hot Chili Plans PDF

    Hot Chili Plans PDF

    Hot Chili is a strong plywood asymmetric catamaran which can be built by anyone who can measure, cut and glue timber, can be towed by anything on four wheels, can be afforded by anyone with a job, and can be used anywhere with a foot of water. Chili can...
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  • Cat 254 Plans

    Cat 254 Plans

    This is the latest racing version of the CAT 25 and embodies a long waterline hull with a light weight construction using tortured ply. The pre-shaped sides are simply stitched to the bottom and epoxied at a set angle. The 6mm sides are then pulled...
    $34.00 - $338.00
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  • KD 860 Plans

    KD 860 Plans

    These are full plans - for study plans click HERE This is our smallest offshore cruiser. A sea worthy fast cruiser catamaran for a family of four. The performance of this boat is exceptional on all courses to the wind. To make sure of this, the...
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  • Saylon 20 Plans Download

    Saylon 20 Plans Download

    Owner reports "Saylon is very nice and is a like a rockstar to the Danube River, both sides (Romania and Serbia). Very comfortable" Scroll down to see a great sequence of build photos for the boat above I have resisted designing a small bridgedeck cabin...
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  • Roonio Plans PDF

    Roonio Plans PDF

    Jeff Gilbert has been selling his Hot Chili design for several years now here on Duckworks. At least two have been built and I have heard of a 3rd or 4rth that were at least started. Chuck tells me that a lot of the plans have been sold so there may be...
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  • Cataproa Plans

    Cataproa Plans

    A new boat type? Why not? The idea, a personal multihull cruiser for the least amount of work and cost. I like Proas but I do not like shunting. It is okay for long distances but not, for instance, in a channel or river with a lot of traffic like here...
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  • IC10 International Canoe Plans

    IC10 International Canoe Plans

    The IC10 - a ply stitch and tape "B" Class International Canoe for Mr. Peter Rhodes-Dimmer - the first hull has been constructed by Alan Powell. The major idea behind this design was to produce an up-to-the-minute hull shape suitable for both inland and...
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  • SC 435 Plans

    SC 435 Plans

    The SC 435 was my first catamaran design. I designed the boat 1979. I lost count how many plans for this boat I have sold. The sail in almost any country of the world where there is water. But the SC 435 story is going on.The last addition is the blue...
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  • Triad Plans PDF

    Triad Plans PDF

    The "TRIAD" Class TRIMARAN gives you engineered design for hot rod performance with outstanding safety and comfort. The Planing Floats use dynamic lift for high speed without the "hull speed" limitation of sharp "displacement" shapes. The low drag...
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  • Quattro 16 Plans Download

    Quattro 16 Plans Download

    About Woods Downloadable Plans Specifications: Sheet Ply LENGTH O.A. 5mLENGTH W.L. 4.85mBEAM O.A. 2.45mDISPL (empty) 135KgTWO CREWSAIL AREA 18 sq m The QUATTRO 16 is a twin trapeze high performance racing cat that has proven faster than the Hobie 16 or...
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