Cabin Sailboats 16' to 19'

  • Marsh Duck PDF

    Marsh Duck PDF

    The Marsh Duck Story For almost 3 years, 2006-8, I spent about half-time traveling on a bicycle. It's a wonderful way to go: simplicity, freedom, intimate connection with the natural world and with people along the way. And then it was time for a change ...

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  • Schooner 18 Plans

    Schooner 18 Plans

    The Schooner 18 is a luxurious day sailor for 2-4, with pretenses of being a basic cruiser for 1-2. The bilge keels provide good lateral resistance as well as easy and upright beaching.The aft cabin is quite adequate for sleeping, changing clothes, using...

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  • Puck Regata Plans

    Puck Regata Plans

    About the Puck Regatta and the Puck Cruise: The Puck Cruise version is a Micro class boat designed for cruising, more space for the cabin, the boat is wider at the waterline and it's a plywood construction (chine hull). It's a boat for small...

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  • Galway 18 Plans

    Galway 18 Plans

    The Galway 18 has been designed as a replacement for a client’s ageing Lysander and incorporates a number of his thoughts and ideas on the design of a safe cruising boat of this size. The main requirement is, of course, that she should be easily...

    $34.00 - $182.00
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