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19' 2' / 5.85 m
Printed plans shipped and PDF plans emailed by Francois Vivier
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Trailerable classic cabin yacht, 5.85 m long

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Hull length / waterline 5.85 / 5.25 m   Sail area 20.3 m²  
Breadth / waterline 2.10 / 1.80 m   Outboard motor 6 hp  
Draught 0.43 / 1.20 m   Design category / Crew C4 / D5  
Light weight 880 kg   Building time with kit 1100 hours  
Attention : this boat may be built only with either the full size patterns or a NC cut plywood kit. Due to the high quantity of plywood panels, the kit is highly recommended.

Beniguet is either a pocket cruiser or a day boat. As a cruiser, she offers a cabin with two quarter-berths and a third one forward at child size. It is even possible to sleep three adults with a fore berth extension. As a day boat, she welcomes her crew is a two-meter long cockpit which offers exceptional comfort and let you wandering along the coast. A lowered space on both sides of the motor well allows stowing a bucket or your fishing equipment.
The cabin gives the possibility to take a meal or a cup of tea inside, to find a shelter if raining or some shade on a sunny day. Madam will find a chemical or marine toilet.

The steel centreboard rotates under the cockpit and does not obstruct the cabin. It gives Beniguet much higher performances than most of the small cruisers inspired by tradition. As usual, I gave a lot of importance to the pleasure of steering a good sail-boat.

The small keel, discontinued aft, makes the boat very easy to launch. It also protects the outboard motor installed in a well which is perfectly within reach of the helmsman, and placed in line with the rudder for easy manoeuvres. The purists will be able to dismount the motor under sail, by placing it either in a cockpit locker or simply place it transversally at the back. Nothing is omitted for a demanding sailor: anchor locker on the foredeck, stowage facilities, opening portlight on the coach-roof face etc…

Beniguet is clinker built in plywood-epoxy. A very modern solution which is also in the spirit of a pure classic boat. By limiting the number of varnished pieces or by replacing them with oiled teak, maintenance will be equivalent to that of a polyester hull. The cockpit is water-tight and self-draining. The ballast is approximately 170 kg, half of which is placed within the centreboard, and therefore quite low in navigation. All this makes Beniguet a very dependable boat.

I invite you to discover the blog of Chris Comerie, building a Beniguet. He started construction during the 2017 winter. He sent me the following comment: “May I take this opportunity of congratulating you on such a beautiful design, she is everything I wanted and hoped for. Your information and drawings are excellent, all uncertainties or potential enquiries can be answered by careful study, the detail and precision is superb.”

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Additional Information

Designer Name:
Francois Vivier Architecte Naval
Sail area (Imperial / Metric):
220 ft² / 20.3 m²
Rig Type:
Gaff, Sloop
Ballast Type:
Ballast Weight:
390 lb / 177 kg
Keel Type:
Length (range):
16' - 23'11" / 4.88m - 7.29m
19' 2' / 5.85 m
Length at Waterline:
17' 3'' / 5.25 m
6' 11'' / 2.10 m
Hull Weight:
Over 1000 lb / 453.59kg
Estimated Hull Weight:
1940 lb / 880 kg
36" / 91.44cm
Unloaded Draft:
3'11'' / 1.2 m
Weight Capacity:
990 lb / 450 kg
Primary Material:
Marine Plywood
Method of Construction:
Lapstrake / Clinker
Hull Type:
Hull Shape:
Round bottom
Power Source:
Horsepower Rating:
6 hp
Built-in Floatation:
Unit of Measure:
Instruction Manual:
Step-by-Step Instructions
Lofting Required:
Recommended Experience Level:
Designer's Thoughts on Experience Level:
Classic look, designed for home builders
Boat Type:
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